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  • PlayStation Mobile Store: Up and Running
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It seems like Sony first mentioned the PlayStation Mobile Store months ago. But, news of the Mobile Store quickly dwindled. Today, Sony told press that the Mobile Store is not only a “go,” it’s also up and running. The PlayStation Mobile Store is supposed to be stocked with tons of games and apps. So, how is Sony living up to that promise so far? Right now, the PlayStation Mobile Store includes a few popular games and one app. I’m going to guess that Sony will make additional adjustments soon. For now, if you happen to have a Sony handheld, Xperia phone, or Tablet S, you can check out what Sony has to offer.

Sony PlayStation Mobile Store Details

Sony’s PlayStation Mobile Store was created for third-party game developers. Sony wanted to develop a place where these developers could create and share new games. Even though Sony only offers a handful of games at the moment, there’s no doubt that third-party game developers will soon jump on what the Mobile Store has to offer. After all, there has to be another company destined for Rovio fame out there. A number of larger third-party game developers have already signed up. Those that are currently on board with the Mobile Store include Action Button, THQ, and Team 17.

If you develop third-party games and want a crack at Sony’s new PlayStation Mobile Store, Sony welcomes you to sign up. If you just want to play some Sony Mobile games, you may be disappointed at first. But, just wait a few weeks for those new third-party games to pop up. You never know what might show up in the PlayStation Mobile Store. Keep in mind that these games have been developed for use with smaller Sony devices like the Vita and select smartphones.

Networked Games Work Well

A PlayStation Mobile Store purchase will be instantly connected to any number of PS compatible devices. So, for example, if you purchase a game for your Vita, you can also play that game with your Xperia. Thus far, reviews of this networked compatibility have been favorable. It certainly seems as though Sony got it right this time. Right now, Sony’s PlayStation Mobile Store is available in France, Italy, Canada, the United States, Germany, the UK, Australia, and in Spain. If you happen to live in any of these countries, make sure to download the PlayStation Mobile Store from the Sony website.

While Sony’s Mobile Store isn’t brimming with titles at the moment, Sony will definitely be upgrading the store in the near future. You can also look forward to third-party games from developers you might not have heard of yet. If you are an indie developer, why not give Sony’s new flagship Mobile store a crack? Sony’s customer base isn’t as large as, say, Apple’s, but there are still some die-hard gamers out there awaiting a good game. Stay tuned for additional game titles and announcements from Sony relating to the new Mobile Store. This is one Mobile Store that certainly looks like it has a lot of potential.