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  • PS4 Arrival Date and Other News
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Sony recently announced that the PlayStation 4 will arrive on November 15th in North America and on November 29th in Europe. That's the information that PlayStation enthusiasts have been waiting for, and it couldn't have come soon enough. Further, Sony is already projecting massive numbers.

Big Preorder Numbers

Already, Sony has told press that the company has accepted more than 1 million preorders for the new PlayStation console. This is a far bigger number than the company anticipated, and Sony is calling the response to the PlayStation 4 "incredible."

Why the huge numbers? This is the first PlayStation console that Sony has released in 7 years. Sony is also pricing the PS4 $100 lower than the upcoming Xbox One. Microsoft's Xbox One will retail for $499, and the new PS4 will retail for $399. Competition between the two companies for gamer attention will really heat up soon, since Microsoft is expected to announce a November release date for the One soon.

Lots to Come

Why are both companies aiming for November? November marks the start of the holiday season, and nothing says "I love you" to a gamer more than a new console. But, at $399 and $499, these consoles aren't cheap. Most consumers seeking a new console will have to decide between the two very carefully, since dishing out around $900 for the two consoles is unlikely.

Which one should you choose? It will all depend on the games that are offered with the consoles, and what kind of gamer you happen to be. Take a look through some of the console articles on this site to see some comparisons, and look for additional comparative reviews of the two consoles in November.

Some More Sony News

Sony has also told press that the company plans on chopping PlayStation 3 prices to $199 in the United States, and to 199 Euros in Europe. Additionally, the PlayStation Vita will go on sale in the United States for $199 as well. So, you can cash in on the savings that can be had with the PS3 and Vita or purchase the new PS4.

One thing is fairly certain in all of this: Microsoft is bound to release the One a week ahead of the PS4, so look for the One to arrive during the week of the 4th. Why? Microsoft is known for releasing products one week ahead of competitors, and that's why the company usually waits for a competitor to announce a release date before publishing one of its own.

Anticipation Builds

As those November dates draw nearer, gamers everywhere are waiting to see just what the One and PS4 can do. Reviews have been posted and speculated, but the real deal will make or break either console. The news that Sony has finally announced a release date is big news, and it officially kicks off the console and device release season.

Stay tuned for more information about the PS4 and Xbox One when both consoles arrive on the market - just a few months now!