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  • Plex: One Place for All Your Local and Online Media
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Plex is a media center developed to simply and easily access and organize all of your audio, video and photo media in one place. Plex Media Center serves as a digital library which can be displayed on your computer monitor, TV or mobile devices. This app also allows users to stream video and audio content right on your local or remote devices.
The Plex Media Server is responsible for the easy remote access to all of the customer's media. The server is able to run on any Mac, PC or compatible NAS device, and transmits the user's photos, video and audio media to all Plex clients.

Among these clients are myPlex compatible mobile devices and LG Smart TVs. Additionally, The Plex Media Manager is where customers can store all their media in one comprehensive library. The library is completely customizable and is able to receive metadata straight from the internet. The media manager also automatically updates when new local media content is added to the library.

Plex Channels is probably the most popular feature of the Plex Media Center. In addition to storing all of your movies and other media in one place, Plex Channels connects users to more than 150 streaming services online. New channels and programs are being continuously added to the application, so there's always something new for users to discover.

Channels can be easily downloaded to the customers' liking, so customers don't have to flip through the sports channel if they have no interest in sports (for example). Much of the content available on the Plex Channels is displayed in high-definition, so customers can get the most out of their HD capable devices -- a nice added bonus.

Recently, the makers of Plex unveiled a mobile application called, myPlex. The myPlex app allows users to connect their media library as well as stream content to their mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones. The application is compatible with iOS, Andriod, Mac OS and Windows systems, so anyone can take advantage of these great features.

The developers of myPlex had to make some changes to allow for the most seamless streaming of content for their customers. The main changes mostly involved making it easier for users to access their media from any device. The developers also added some improvements to the user interface, which not only made it easier and more comprehensive to access media, but also made the interface a bit sleeker and more stylish than the previous versions.

The only real downside that customers might notice from the addition of myPlex, is that the Plex Media Server is no longer included in the Plex Media Center. This change was made in order to run the server on one system, like the user's PC, while all the other devices access the server remotely. This way, users can simply sign in to myPlex from anywhere with internet access, and stream their media content. In the past versions, it was much more difficult to access content remotely.