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  • PlugBug: The Ultimate Charger
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There are few things more annoying than packing a number of different chargers when you travel. If you own an iPhone and an iPad, the PlugBug was really made for you. This innovative charger allows users to charge both an iPad and an iPhone at the same time, but it does so much more than this too.

The concept behind PlugBug is so simple, yet it has never been done before. PlugBug was developed by a company called Twelve South, and it’s one of the best charges this reviewer has seen to date. We’ll get to all the great things that the PlugBug can do in a minute, but first I’ll tell you that this charger won’t break the bank. The PlugBug is offered for a very reasonable $34.95 at the time of this writing. You’ll soon see why that price is almost unbelievable.

Adapting Animal

The PlugBug is an iPad, iPhone, and MacBook charger rolled into one. By interlocking two different chargers (reminiscent of Legos), the PlugBug can provide all of your Apple devices with juice at the same time. What’s more, the PlugBug provides the iPad with full charging abilities, which means it won’t take hours for you to charge your iPad when you use this charger.

If you want to charge only one item at a time, the PlugBug can do this too. All you have to do is break apart the charger (very easy to do), and charge one device. What could be better than a Lego-esque charger that allows you to charge all of your Apple devices at once? How about a charger that works universally too? The PlugBug can be converted (simply) for both North American and European outlets. In short, you never have to carry three or more charges with you ever again.


Who cares about the way that an adapter looks? Well, if you’ve shelled out a lot of cash for a MacBook, an iPad, and an iPhone, you probably care. Twelve South did an excellent job designing this charger. Not only is the charger itself slick looking, easy to use, and entirely compact, it also resembles Apple chargers.
Some critics aren’t crazy about the red cap that fits nicely with the white body of the charger (see Twelve South’s website for pictures), but this reviewer finds that the touch of red Twelve South has given to the charger is slick. You won’t be embarrassed to pull this charger out of your bag wherever you decide to roam. If you travel a lot or are short on USB space, this charger is a necessity.


The PlugBug is available right now on Twelve South’s website. As mentioned, the charger is retailing for $34.95 at the moment. This is an excellent deal if you consider that Apple sells chargers in the $30+ range. For the price of one Apple charger, you’ll get a charger that is really three chargers in one.

It’s hard to think of any reason why you shouldn’t buy this charger if you own more than one Apple device. Just think, you’ll never have to carry around more than one charger every again. Isn’t that a nice thought?