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  • Plukka: A Different Way to Buy Designer Jewelry
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There are lots and lots of online shopping websites. There are even more “invitation only” shopping websites. These sites are great, but the prices of certain items (such as very nice designer jewelry) are often too high to even consider. A new website called Plukka aims to put an end to very high jewelry prices (like those you see in designer apartment stores). I first read about this site on Mashable, and it bears going through the site in this review, so that you can see why Plukka really is a good idea.

Instead of offering jewelry piece by piece, Plukka sells and makes designer jewelry (the real stuff with real gems and diamonds!) when enough people have decided to purchase a piece (more on this process below). This way, the site claims that designer jewels can be yours for a fraction of the retail price. Needless to say, this sounds wonderful, but how easy is the site to use? More importantly, who’s designing these pieces? I’ve scoped it out, so that you know what to expect when you sign up for an account with Plukka.com.

The Process

When you head to the Plukka site, take a few moments to look at the cute video. This video will explain the basics of the Plukka operation. Then, skip the video and add your email address to the sign up box (you can filter this through your email program later). Once you’ve added your address, Plukka will send you new jewelry notifications throughout each month.

After signing up, you can check out today’s jewelry offerings. Right now, a pretty blue topaz ring is on the table and selling for around $700. However, only seven people have signed up to purchase the ring, and this price will drop as more people decide to purchase it. Keep in mind that Plukka won’t actually make the ring until more people sign up. Now, if you want to sign up to buy something (and get Plukka to make that piece), here’s what you need to know.

Adding Your Name to the List

If you want to buy an item, you will have to go through the checkout process. If an item is never made, you won’t be charged. Since a certain quota must be filled in order for Plukka to make an item, there is a possibility that you’ll never get the item you want. On the other hand, the more people who sign up for an item, the more the price of that item will drop. If a lot of people sign up for a piece, that $700 ring could wind up costing you $300 (everyone gets the same low price in the end).

You will make a commitment to buy an item if you add your name to the item list, so keep this in mind (no testing the waters here, I’m afraid!). Every item has an end date too, so the quota must be reached by that end date or you’ll never get that item you want (you won’t be charged for it either, don’t worry). This site presents a great way to buy nice pieces, but there is one possible drawback that I can think of.

Not Designer

Since Plukka makes each piece, you won’t see that telltale designer stamp on your new ring, bracelet, or other item. If you want a brand name, Plukka isn’t the site for you. However, this is an awesome jewelry site for anyone seeking the real deal for half the price. If this sounds like you, sign up for Plukka today.