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  • Google’s Plus iPad App Beats Facebook and Twitter
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I’ve noticed something about Google Plus lately. The once quiet social network has started to pick up some speed. I’m not sure if people are just sick of Facebook or if Google Plus is finally winning over the social crowd, but Google’s new Plus iPad app certainly can’t hurt matters. Google has done something that few other social media networks failed to grasp: Google has treated the iPad as a bit and beautiful tablet full of amazingly eye appealing retina-based space.

Would you cram a lot of text into a comic book or stick to a standard mobile phone layout when you have lots of color enhanced space to play with? Most likely, your answer to these questions would be a resounding: “No!” Well, Google feels the same way that you do. Launching today is the Google Plus app for iPad, and this app was designed to take full advantage of that amazing iPad screen.

What You Can Expect From Google Plus for iPad

The first thing you’ll noticed when you open up that Google Plus for iPad app is the sheer size and color of certain Plus posts. Google doesn’t want its Plus users to have to squint or look at small lettering in order to figure out how popular a particular post is. Instead, Google is making those posts that get a lot of attention larger than other posts. This way, when you scroll through a number of posts, you will immediately see the few posts that are worth reading. If you happen to be the one who posted a popular image, you will be able to tell which posts are working and which ones aren’t.

Google Plus had a hard time finding its footing at first, but this social network is really shaping up to be visual-based. In stark contrast to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Google Plus is really all about images – or, if it’s not already, it will be. Finally, Google Plus has found its niche market – it’s almost enough to make a person want to give Plus a giant hug, were it possible.

Making Your Way Through Plus

If you have an iPad, make sure to check out the new Plus app. In stark contrast to other networks that have treated the iPad platform like any old system, Google has gone ahead and innovated – made sure that Plus suited the iPad. As a result, you will find that the Plus app is both easy to use and quite lovely to look at. To make your Google Plus posts really stand out, don’t disregard photos and videos that pop. Today’s social networker really wants to see images as opposed to text (bad for us writers!), and this is the way to make your Google Plus account stand out.

With the new Google Plus for iPad app, you won’t have to guess at whether or not a post is working – Plus will make sure that all of your popular posts stand out. Clearly, Google has thought through the Plus app process by creating an app that’s refreshingly not like all the rest. My prediction is that Google Plus will swiftly become a more popular social network based solely on the number of iPad users who will be lured by Plus’ excellent and colorful pull.