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  • Point-At-Me: Do It Yourself Augmented Reality
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Augmented reality can be described as tacky, gimmicky, and sometimes unnecessary. But, it's also a great way to grab attention and a lot of people love it. One company that is particularly well known for its augmented reality campaigns is Starbucks. The coffee company has created many a holiday cup design that comes to life when scanned with a smartphone. There isn't much of a point to cups that showcase augmented designs, but it's fun - and customers love it.

Creating an augmented reality campaign is tough, though. You have to have a great design team in place. You also have to be able to make your designs come to life. All of this is expensive and not an easy undertaking for companies that don't have a Starbucks budget. That's where Point-At-Me comes into play.

Point-At-Me Program

A UK company by the name of VirtualMob has created a development site called Point-At-Me. The best way to explain this site is to think of a website creation program like WordPress -- only Point-At-Me is for augmented reality. The site makes use of user-friendly functions like drag and drop to let anyone create an augmented reality design.

By creating an augmented design and an app to go along with that design, companies can create advertisements that pop. Even better, Point-At-Me tracks the value of each ad created through a complete analytics readout. So, you can see whether or not that new augmented reality advertisement is actually generating any real revenue. I can see a ton of potential for this new site.

Easy to Use Website Too

Not only has VirtualMob created the first augmented reality platform of its kind, but the company also put a lot of effort into creating a site that's simple to use. If you can create a webpage using a site like WordPress, you can create an augmented reality design using Point-At-Me. The site features great tools, lots of options, and an overall clear understanding of how to create an augmented reality tool. It's also important to remember that you can track the success of an augmented campaign using Point-At-Me.

All of this adds up to a platform that's never existed prior to the creation of Point-At-Me, and will prove to be of value to a lot of different brands. Is this augmented reality platform sounds like something that you might be interested in, Point-At-Me is currently in beta mode. You can sign up to test the service on the Point-At-Me website now. Is augmented reality something that every business or company should check out? Is it worth your time? Did it work for Starbucks?

Worth It?

Build an app, build an augmented design, and track the effectiveness of this technology. That's the best way to decide if augmented reality will work for your company. At the very least, you've created an augmented reality campaign that costs far less than it would have if the campaign were developed outside of a free WordPress-like platform -- and that's something to seriously consider.