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  • Pokemon Go Is Here
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When Nintendo announced that the company would be working with Niantic Labs to create something called ‘Pokemon Go,’ the Internet was a buzz. Nintendo moving into mobile was something that was rather unexpected. Speculations were that the gaming company would take existing Nintendo games and slap them into mobile and that would be that.

Nobody expected what came next, though. Today, Nintendo and Niantic Labs have finally announced the release of Pokemon Go in Australia and New Zealand. Pokemon Go isn’t just your average Nintendo game in mobile form. It’s an augmented reality app that will take Pokemon fans to the next level.

Pokemon to the Extreme

The new Pokemon Go app uses your location, camera, and other details from your phone to determine exactly where you are. Why does this matter? Because you will see Pokemon characters throughout your daily real world life.

You’ll see them at famous places and in popular areas. Your job, as a player, is to wrangle up as many characters as you can, train them, and then put them into combat at the virtual Pokemon gym.

If you’re picturing Pikachu on the sidewalk, well, you’re right. That’s how this game will work. The game is free to play, but small buy-ins may have to be purchased throughout the game. These items retail anywhere from $.99 to $99.

Additionally, Nintendo has announced a wristband that the company will sell for $35. That wrist band will be coming this year.

Not Widely Available Yet

Even though Pokemon Go has been anticipated by Pokemon and Nintendo fans since last year, the app is not available in all areas of the world yet. North Americans and people from Japan that want to access the iOS or Android app will be told to come back later. There’s no official word yet from Nintendo on when the app will hit the rest of the planet.

So far, word from Australia and New Zealand is that the app is working and is fun. I’m guessing that some Pokemon Go players might be distracted while trying to capture Pokemon throughout cities, but distraction is already a part of everyday mobile life anyway. In a way, the game is kind of like geocaching but instead of looking for hidden treasures in boxes you’ll be looking for Pokemon characters throughout the streets.

More from Nintendo

This is just Nintendo’s first foray into the mobile scene. The company is likely to create more games (possibly more augmented reality games) in the near future. All eyes are on Nintendo to see what the company comes up with next where more games of this sort are concerned - and to see if Pokemon Go will be as big of a hit as the company expects.

If you are a Nintendo fan and you live in Australia or New Zealand, you may want to check out the new Pokemon Go iOS and Android app. If not, you’ll have to sit tight. Nintendo is expected to make more mobile announcements soon.