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  • The Polar M400 Fitness Tracking Watch
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A lot of people wound up with fitness bands under the tree this year, but if you aren’t one of those people, you may still be wondering which fitness band is the right one. Trying to figure it all out can be really confusing, and now there’s another option on the market: the Polar M400. While not entirely a band (it’s more like a watch), the Polar M400 will track your movements, calories, and even help you when it comes to sleeping - here’s what you’ll find if you decide to go with the Polar M400.

What This Watch Can Do

This watch can track your movements, as any good fitness band or watch can do, and it can also sync with your phone wirelessly. The Polar M400 also has a heart rate monitor, GPS tracking capabilities, and it can help track your sleep patterns. In addition, this watch has a good battery life, and it doesn’t look as odd as many fitness trackers on the market (a good thing).

In fact, the Polar M400 kind of looks like a classy little watch that’s part sports-like and part everyday, so it’s the perfect combination for anyone looking for a fitness tracking device that’s understated and still performs. The one design flaw, maybe, is that this is a big watch with a big face, so you may not want to wear it with a black dress or a suit - then again, you can always combine it with other details and still track your every move. It’s also waterproof.

Some Drawbacks

While a watch that looks good, keeps time, and tracks your fitness is a watch that almost everyone could use, there are some drawbacks here to consider. The biggest drawback of all is that the watch currently doesn’t support Android phones, so you do have to have an iPhone to use this watch. Hopefully, Android support will pop up soon, though, since the watch is an all-around good idea.

Pricing and Availability

Some fitness tracking bands are really expensive (more than most people would want to spend on a fitness tracking device, really), but the Polar M400 is actually priced reasonably. At $179.95, this is a watch that comes in under then $200 mark, and will still help you obtain those fitness goals that you have in mind for the New Year. The fact that this watch goes one step past fitness tracking to help you sleep better is just icing on the cake in this reviewer’s opinion.

You can purchase this watch through the company’s website, or on sites like Amazon. At less than $200 for a fitness tracking watch, the Polar M400 is really a good buy. How does it stack up to other fitness devices that are currently available? While I like the fact that this watch isn’t in the shape of a band, it is really a watch, some may not like that fact (and the design of the watch face, which is rather larger than most other watches), that could be a drawback for some people. This isn’t a slim fitness band, but it’s a watch that works well at what it does, can stay charged for 30 hours, and will help you track your sleep and fitness moves.