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  • RIM to Offer Developers Cash
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Research In Motion needs developers. Specifically, the company needs game developers. Developers who can create BlackBerry games or port an existing game to the BlackBerry platform. On November 16, RIM will hold an online only “36-hour Port-A-Thon” for gaming developers.

During this event, the company will bring developers through the BlackBerry platform with the help of platform experts. Those who build successful BlackBerry gaming apps will be rewarded with cold hard cash. Let me say that again: if you create a BlackBerry gaming app, RIM will give you cash. Here’s the scoop:

How Much Cash Is RIM Giving Out?

How much cash will you get for your gaming app? One successful app will result in $100. Two to five successful apps will result in $100 per app – plus a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Five to ten successful apps will get you $100 per app; a PlayBook; and one Dev Alpha Device (for the first 100 eligible developers only).

What do you get if you build more than 10 successful gaming apps? Ten apps or more will get you $100 per app; a PlayBook, a Dev Alpha Device (still limited); and a trip to the Developers Conference in San Francisco from March 25-29. Want to know how to sign up for the online 36-hour Port-A-Thon?

How To Sign Up for Free Cash

Since RIM’s Port-A-Thon event is an online event, signing up is simple. Just go to the BlackBerry Port-A-Thon website ({{http://devblog.blackberry.com/2012/11/got-game-port-a-thon/|Port-A-Thon}}, register, and log in. From there, you will be guided by RIM’s experts around the platform. You will also have lots of one-on-one time with those technical experts who keep RIM running – all from the comfort of your own home.

So, let’s recap: RIM will bring game developers through the BlackBerry platform, answer any and all questions, and then pay each developer $100 per successful app. Heck, even if you aren’t a developer, you should give this a stab – who knows, you may invent the next big game for BlackBerry and walk away with $100 in cash.

What are you doing November 16? If you have any developing skills and you aren’t taking part in RIM’s free cash giveaway (or Port-A-Thon), you’ll be making a huge mistake. Keep in mind that $100 isn’t all you’ll get when you create a BlackBerry game app – you’ll also gain notoriety and (presumably) profits from that game sale.

November 16 is just three days away, so make sure to register soon. You’ll also want to check out the information that RIM has listed on its Port-A-Thon homepage (link above), and make sure that you’re ready to roll when the 16th comes around.

Details, Details, Details

You have to create your winning apps within the allotted 36-hour timeframe. You’ll also have to be one of the first 100 developers to create more than five apps if you want a shot at that free Dev Alpha Device. Are you a developer?

Have a great idea for a winning BlackBerry game? Give RIM a hand by creating a game just for BlackBerry, and walk away with some cash – not a bad deal at all.