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Any iPhone user will tell you that it’s hard to live within Instagram. The popular photo service has just surpassed 7 million users, and it’s still going strong. Postagram is an app that works with Instagram. Essentially, Postagram turns any Instagram photo into a postcard. This is a clever app that many people are already enjoying for a low price ($0.99). The problem is that Postagram could never delight Android users, since Instagram isn’t available through the Android Marketplace.

Instead of waiting for Instagram to get its act together, the developers at Postagram have decided to take matters into their own hands. This is, seemingly, a very wise move. Postagram is now available through the Android Marketplace, and this time the app doesn’t need Instagram in order to make Android users happy. If you current have an Android phone, you’ll want to learn all about what Postagram can do for you.

Postagram Works In Other Ways

Instead of requiring Android users to grab photos from Instagram (impossible at the moment) Postagram for Android allows users to grab Facebook and phone photos. So, if you use another photo program available through the Android Marketplace, you can tweak your photos, and then use Postagram to turn those photos into a postcard. You can also use any photograph that you currently have on Facebook.
Since Facebook’s photo program is a popular, and decent, one, many people will be happy with the new Postagram app – even iPhone users.

In order to make the playing field fair, Postagram now offers iPhone users the option to snag photos from Facebook, Instagram, or from an iPhone device. Ok, this may just make the iPhone version of Postagram better than the Android version, but at least Android users have a Postagram option now.

Availability and Pricing

Even though Instagram is free (a great choice on the part of Instagram), Postagram is not free. Still, this app is just $0.99 in the Android Marketplace. It’s a small fee to pay for an app that really is a lot of fun. If you’ve been feeling left out because of all those iPhones that have Postagram apps, now’s your time to shine.

You can currently download Postagram from the Android Marketplace. iPhone users will be happy to know that Postagram can now be updated. Just make sure to allow those app updates to run on your phone, so that you have the latest version of Postagram. After all, who wouldn’t want to turn all of those great Facebook photos into postcards?

Is Instagram Coming to Android?

This is the question that many Android users want to know. The answer, I’m afraid, is still vague. While there was some talk about Instagram for Android awhile ago, the folks over at Instagram still haven’t created an Android version of the popular photo app. There’s no doubt that Instagram is missing out on a huge Android market, but the developers over at Instagram seem to be happy working in an Apple world for now. Still, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.