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  • The Potenza Super Stock Gaming PC: Maingear’s Latest
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From gaming console company Maingear comes a new gaming PC that’s garnering a fair amount of attention. The Potenza Super Stock PC is slightly bigger than the average desktop, but it isn’t quite as large as a bulky tower either (measuring 15.75 by 7.5 by 9.25 inches). Size aside, the main reason why Maingear’s newest gaming PC is gaining a lot of attention is that this PC is a top contender amongst other PCs in its class, and it also happens to be priced just right ($1999). If you’re in the market for a new gaming PC, this might just be the one for you. Here’s some more information about Maingear’s latest gaming PC development.

Inside the Potenza Super Stock PC

Since this subsection is about the inside of the PC, I want to point out a factor that might be important to some: this PC is easy to open. If you are the type who likes to swap cards out for other cards and play around with what’s inside of a system, this is one of the easiest PCs to crack out there. Aside from the fact that this system is easy to open, the Potenza Super Stock includes a Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 graphics card and a Core i7 processor (overclocked).

When tested, the Potenza Super Stock gained excellent benchmark scores, and really just proved to be an ideal all-around gaming PC. The Potenza also scored excellent marks when it came to gaming, which is really the only reason why this PC exists, so it’s great to note that the Potenza lived up to its intention! Is this the fastest gaming PC on the market? No; but it might be one of the best in its price category, and that might be something that you’ll want to consider if you don’t have a ton of cash to spend on a new gaming system.

How the Potenza Stacks Up

As mentioned, this isn’t the fastest PC available, but it’s not the slowest either. The Potenza Super Stock isn’t quite as fast as the Cyberpower Zeus Thunderbolt, which happens to be one of the top gaming PCs out there. But, this is only because Cyberpower’s Thunderbolt comes with two AMD Radeon HD graphics cards, as opposed to the Potenza’s solitary Nvidia card. It’s also really hard to beat the price of this PC. While some gaming PCs go well over the $2000 mark, the Potenza is actually under that mark (ok, only one dollar under, but still under), and it’s a great gaming PC to boot.

Design and Details

Now that you know what the Potenza is made of, let’s talk about the look of this gaming PC because looks are important. The Potenza is wrapped in black plastic and looks quite modern as compared to older gaming PCs. As mentioned above, this PC is bigger than the average desktop, but it’s a heck of a lot smaller than those gargantuan towers of old too. When all is said and done, the Potenza gaming PC is a great buy for any kind of serious gamer – especially when you consider the price of this PC.