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Great presentations are highly organized and informative. In addition, any given presentation must be easy for others to view. Basic presentation software, such as PowerPoint, are known and used by many. While this software might be the gold standard, there are many other options available. Select software that is easy to use while also creating a stellar presentation.

Know What Makes You Different
The needs of a business person are not the same as the needs of a teacher. While a teacher might require presentation software that will grab student attention, a business person may need software that allows for precise and clear interaction. Figure out what you want your presentation software to do before you select any kind of program.

Video and Image Content
Some software allows video inclusion. Other software only allows photograph inclusion. You want to select presentation software that does both. Video and photo capabilities should be standard issue with any given program. Even if you don’t use one tool or the other, it’s always a good idea to have the option to use either video or photo.

Also, pay attention to the formats included with a program. If a program only includes slideshow format, you might want to consider different software. The best presentation software comes with various formats that can be customized and personalized according to your current needs.

Templates can be highly useful. If you aren’t well-versed at creating a smooth presentation, you may want the option to select from a variety of pre-made templates. Likewise, selecting software that comes with many different clipart images will serve most purposes well. Some programs even allow users to download additional templates and images from developer websites. These programs might prove to be highly useful.

Sharing Capabilities
Presentations are meant to be shared. Whether you want to present information to a board room or whether you want to share a slideshow with family members, it’s important to select a program that offers many sharing options. Some programs may allow you to share presentations via the Internet while others may not have many sharing options. If you plan to share any presentation, finding a program with a variety of sharing choices is a wise idea.

User Ease
There’s no point in purchasing a program that you can’t use. Creating a presentation is tough. This process shouldn’t be made harder by software that is not user-friendly. Read reviews in order to find software that proves easy to use. Further, find software that comes with a money back guarantee – most developers will stand behind good software making it easy to return something that you can’t use.