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Staying on top of any project is a difficult thing to do. This is especially true if project members are located throughout the globe. Project management software makes managing any project simpler, and many of these programs are web-based. Thus, keeping up-to-date on project happenings can be accomplished from any remote setting. Project management software can be purchased for less than $100 (at the time of this writing).

Clarizen -- $24+

Above all else, Clarizen is easy to use. This software was developed for easy project manager and contributor access. For this reason alone, Clarizen is the number one choice of most project managers. Unlike other project management software, Clarizen does not need to be downloaded. Instead, this software runs from an independent web server.

Because of this server, project contributors can access and contribute to a project from any remote location. Clarizen also offers users a plan or “roadmap” that makes meeting deadlines and finishing projects simple. An online tutorial and help index adds to Clarizen’s user-friendliness and overall appeal.

Genius Project for Web -- $29

Genius Project for Web comes with a slight learning curve. If you can get past this curve, you will find that this program is quite useful. Project managers and team members can easily access this software, and all contributors are notified of project updates on a regular basis. Distribution lists that can include any amount of information are helpful.

Genius Project for Web also comes with various project management tools such as time and expense management, document tracking, portfolio management, and many other useful tools. As mentioned, users will have to spend awhile getting used to Genius Project Web, though this is something that is easily accomplished with a bit of extra attention.

@Task -- $39+

@Task includes a customizable dashboard that sets this program apart from the rest right off the bat. @Task is a web-based program that can be accessed from any remote location using an Internet connection. This makes sharing projects with contributors who are located around the world simple and efficient. This program is also available in a number of different languages ranging from French to Japanese – excellent for international communication.

Anyone involved in an @Task project can view project details as they unfold. As with most other programs of this caliber, @Task does have a slight learning curve. However, users will quickly adapt to Excel-based templates and @Task does have a great support and help system. Specific training programs can also be purchased for a price ($1000+ at the time of this writing).

Daptiv PPM -- $50

Daptiv PPM has more features and tools that most other project management programs. As such, this software is also harder to use. Users will have to go through all of Daptiv’s tutorials before using this software. That said, having more features and custom options is one of the main reasons why Daptiv PPM is such a highly prized program.

All users (including clients) can easily access Daptiv’s web-based platform from any remote location. Project updates and constant project information is sent to all users, and Daptiv’s dashboard is highly customizable. All of these features make Daptiv PPM well worth the initial tutorial trouble.