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  • Projection Screens: Pros and Cons
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Projection screens have a certain allure. A screen that drops down from the ceiling to reveal a large expanse of white is exciting, reminiscent of a movie theatre, and looks really cool. But, it's tough to break away from the traditional TV.

Projection screens definitely have pros and cons. Some of the obvious pros are the cool factor and the size of a screen. The number one con is the expense. Then again, a projection setup doesn't have to be pricey. Take a look at this projection screen pro and con guide.

The Obvious Pros

Projection screens are big. You can purchase a screen that's as big as your living room wall. It's also a bit of a wow factor when you use a remote control to drop a massive screen down from your ceiling. Not taking up your living room space with a massive TV is another definite pro. Some other advantages to having a projection screen include less eye strain, a wide variety of placement options, and turning your home living room into a small theatre.

Did you know that bigger screens are easier on your eyes? It's a fact that is largely unknown, but a projection screen will not strain your eyes as much as a television will. Projection screens do look better when retractable, but if you don't want to pay the extra price for a screen that rolls up and down automatically, you can simply let a screen hang against your wall.

Projection screens also offer a much better picture that is crystal clear in most cases (though the level of clarity depends on the projector you purchase). Now, onto those terrible cons (or cons that most people think are terrible, but really aren't!).

The Projection Screen Cons

The first con that comes to most peoples minds is the cost of a projection setup. There are some projectors that are less than $1000. However, those that are in the $3000 to $4000 price range will provide a much better picture. If you are going to use a projection setup casually, you can definitely get away with the under $1000 variety. Or, buy a used one from Ebay or another site.

Screens come in various prices ranging from $100 to more than $2000. The type of materials used to make a screen play into the price factor. You'll also pay more for an automatic retractable screen.

Another drawback is the look of a screen. Sure, screens look great when all packed away, but you will have to deal with a lot of cords and cables when setting up a projector. A HDMI cable has to be setup. This cable will run from your projector to your receiver, so you'll have to find a way to hide it.

Lastly, projectors tend to be on the loud side. There's a reason why you can't hear projectors in movie theatres. These little machines have very loud fans, and the cheaper a projector is the louder those fans will be. Yet, a projection setup is the ultimate way to watch a movie, sit back and relax, and open up your living room if you're dealing with a smaller space.