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Managing any kind of property from an apartment building to a single unit can be exhausting. Property management requires skill and organization. Even if these attributes come naturally to you, having a great software package on your side will make life easier. The property management software pickings are somewhat slim, though there are some great programs available.

LandlordMax – $150+

From the start, LandlordMax sets itself apart from the competition. After purchasing LandlordMax, you will be granted 12 free months of program upgrades. This is unusual give the fact that most programs require users to pay for constant upgrades. Another benefit to using LandlordMax is customer service.

This program comes with a lifetime of customer service – something that is unheard of. Features include ways to track investors, tenants, accounting information, and email capabilities. LandlordMax also includes a simple interface, which is always a bonus. You really can’t go wrong with LandlordMax if you’re looking for the complete property management program package.

Landlord Report – $150+

Landlord Report is a versatile program that can help you manage an unlimited number of properties and property types. In addition to keeping all of your properties in check, Landlord Report also creates monthly statements and keep track of a number of different things (phone messages, to do lists, income). The biggest downfall to Landlord Report is the price tag. At more than $150, this program is more expensive than most. If you have the budget, consider opting for a free trial of this program (available via download).

Quicken Rental Property Manager – $100+

It’s hard to mention property management software without mentioning Quicken. Quicken has long been the program to beat. This is largely due to the many features that Quicken Rental Property Manager includes. While an excellent program, it’s a good idea to remember that Quicken Rental Property Manager was mainly developed for landlords (not for property manager per se).

The great thing about Quicken is that you can combine receipts and other financial documents with your Quicken account. This makes managing finances a lot easier. This program even comes with a handy “Lifetime Planner” that helps you plan your finances for the future. Quicken certainly covers property management from a financial perspective, and that’s something that every property manager can take advantage of.