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  • Pros and Cons of a Bluetooth Mouse
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Bluetooth is the hottest wireless technology currently on the market. It’s used widely in laptops, netbooks, desktops, gaming systems and smartphones. As such, you might assume that a wireless Bluetooth mouse for your laptop, netbook or desktop computer is the best of the bunch. In reality, a wireless Bluetooth mouse is one computer accessory that isn’t inherently better in all departments. In some cases, a wired mouse may be better for you. But for those who are looking for convenient, space-efficient mobile computer accessories, a Bluetooth wireless mouse is a logical choice. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of a Bluetooth mouse.

Pro: Space and Clutter

Wires are stressful. They get tangled. They get snagged. They take up room on the desktop or at a booth in a coffee shop. Wires are even worse in a laptop or messenger bag. And that is the primary reason why most laptop users opt for a wireless Bluetooth mouse. With a wireless mouse, you don’t have to worry about all the strings that come attached to a wired mouse.

Con: Weight

The benefits you see in terms of decluttering and space are paid back in terms of weight. The reality of the situation is that any computer peripheral requires power to function. With a wired mouse, that power can come directly from the computer. But with a wireless mouse, it’s going to need to pack its own juice. It does this in the form of batteries. Most wireless mouses use two AA batteries, which can add quite a bit of heft to a mouse. You can find a wireless mouse that uses fewer batteries or AAA batteries, but that comes with another issue…

Con: Battery Life on the Mouse

With a wireless mouse, you don’t have to worry about lugging around a bag full of wired computer accessories and cables. But you might have to worry about keeping a pair of spare batteries. Without batteries, your wireless mouse won’t work at all. And if you’re not conscientious about staying stock up, you could find yourself up a creek without a mouse when you need it most.

Con: Battery Life on your Laptop

If you’re going wireless, it’s likely because you want to go mobile. And if you are sitting on a park bench or at an outdoor cafГ© without a power outlets handy, you’ll want to use as little battery power from your computer as possible. Otherwise, your study session won’t last much longer than an hour. The downside of a wireless Bluetooth mouse is that the Bluetooth receiver uses more battery power than a wired mouse might. In fact, if you aren’t using your Bluetooth receiver at any given time, you should shut it off (many netbooks do this automatically).

Con: Responsiveness

A Bluetooth mouse isn’t recommended for gamers. The Bluetooth signal may be disrupted or lost and it can be affected if there are any objects between the mouse and the Bluetooth receiver. For precision mousing, a wired mouse is best.

Pro: More Free Ports

Laptops, and even some desktops, have limited port space and a wired USB mouse just takes it up. In fact, many netbooks only have one or two USB ports, so if you have a USB mouse plugged in, you may have to unplug it in order to sync your phone, connect your camera or use any other computer peripheral. With a wireless Bluetooth mouse, this is a non-issue.

Con: Cost

Wireless Bluetooth mice cost more than wired mouses.

Bottom-line: Use a Bluetooth mouse for casual business or personal use. Be sure you like the feel of a heavier mouse and don’t forget to pack those extra batteries!