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  • Proteus: A Meditative Game Good for the Soul
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Close your eyes and imagine walking through your own island. An island full of sounds including raindrops, waves crashing, birds chirping, and everything else that nature has in store. Does this sound like a truly Zen experience? For those of us stuck in massive concrete jungles or caught in the web of everyday stress, having the option to truly unwind and enjoy a meditative states seems almost too good to be true.

While it might be rough to board a plane for some exotic destination, you can play the game Proteus. Proteus lets players walk around that idyllic island, listen to nature sounds, and get swept away by a calming and peaceful fantasy world that adds up to pure bliss.

Proteus Is All About Music

Some types of music are supposed to be completely calming. But, nothing is quite as relaxing as listening to the sounds that nature makes. As players walk through the Proteus world, different sounds are exposed and created. The point of this game is to make your own music as you explore the Proteus island. Not only will you listen to a lovely and natural soundtrack as you explore, but you’ll also come across some amazing animated scenery. Scenes include wilderness animals that shy away when you greet them, sunsets, stars, sunrises, and plenty of other natural happenings.

Sometimes it’s ideal to get away from the real world, and this is where games like Proteus really come into play and serve a direct purpose. Even though this game wasn’t actually developed for those who like to meditate or need to meditate, it proves to be an excellent way to escape and shut out all that loud brain noise.

Where to Buy Proteus

Proteus was not available until yesterday, and now the game is available promotionally through the site Steam. The game costs $8.99 to purchase and works with Windows and Mac. If you’re not the type to play computer games, trust me when I say that this isn’t a typical game. This is more of a cheap retreat. The $9 price of Proteus is well worth it if you are stressed out or just want to explore a great digital island that creates music with each virtual step you take.

In case you’re wondering where the name of this game comes from, Proteus was a god of the sea in Greek mythology. The name is perfect for this game. As you wander through the Proteus island, you find yourself caught in some mystical wonderland that doesn’t feel quite like a video game or like reality. It’s really easy to let yourself go as you wander, listen to the sounds of nature, and lose track of time.

In fact, I recommend setting a timer just in case you forget that you have a real life to get back to! Every once in awhile a game comes along that’s worth really spending some time exploring, and this is one of those games. If you need an escape, check out Proteus.