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  • You Got Punked - Well, Your Speaker Did
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Ths Sol Republic Punk was designed for cyclists that want to move throughout a crowded urban space and still listen to music. Since listening to tunes while you’re riding a bicycle is never a good idea, the Sol Republic Punk is both rugged and plays music loud enough for anyone around you to hear it. In short, it’s a good option if you want to listen to music while you are riding your bicycle.

Size and Shape

The Punk is boxy in shape, but it’s also compact enough to carry on your handlebars or anywhere else that you want to put it. The feel of this compact speaker is that of rubber, but it’s a tough and durable kind of rubber, not the kind that you would feel unsafe carrying around on a bicycle at high speeds with. Plus, the Punk comes in an array of colors including a nice electric blue that really stands out.

Volume and Sound

When tested, the Punk puts out pretty decent volume. You can turn up this speaker as loud as you want to without worrying about distortion, and you can even add daisy-chain speakers or a non-wireless player of any sort to the speaker though the easily accessible mini-jack. The other good thing about the Punk is that the volume and other buttons on the side of the speaker are easy to reach while cycling, so you don’t have to worry about bending down too far or twisting your body is some kind of crazy way to reach the volume buttons.

Battery Details

The company claims that the Punk can run for eight hours without a charge, and that’s a decent time given the fact that some bike riders do take longer than a few hours. Plus, you don’t want to have to worry about charging this speaker whenever you want to go on a ride, right? So, it all really works out very well indeed. But, how tough or rugged is the Punk when compared to other speakers? After all, those streets can be pretty hard on any kind of device, let alone a speaker that will be bumping along with you as you ride, right?

The company claims that the Punk is shock, water, and dust-resistant. Just how shock-resistant it is, though, remains to be seen - I’m guessing that you don’t want to drop this thing while riding along at a fast pace, but that’s just a guess. Did I mention the colors? This little cube cycling speaker comes in blue, red, and black, so you can look every bit like a punk (or something like that) when you use one.


If you love the way that the Punk sounds, you can purchase this speaker starting September 30th for $69.99. Those kinds of prices are to be expected with small compact speakers, so the price isn’t so bad all things considered. Then again, it’s up to you to decide whether or not a $70 speaker is what you want to throw on your bicycle when you decide to navigate those treacherous streets - but, it is a lot better than listening to headphones and risking a collision.