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  • Purchasing Graphics Software on a Budget
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If you work in the design world, having the right graphics tools is vital. Of course, until you begin reeling in high-paying customers, purchasing expensive graphics tools can be a challenge. You’ll be happy to note that you do have other less-expensive options. You’ll also be happy to note that these options don’t mean settling for mediocre programs. Buying graphics software on a budget is simply a matter of being resourceful.

Look to the Past

New versions of graphic software programs seem to pop up every year. In fact, most manufacturers do release a new program every year or two. These numerous releases work to your advantage when it comes to saving money. You can purchase older versions of popular graphics software for a fraction of the price of new programs.

While you don’t want to buy a version that’s outdated more than two years (or you risk being left behind technology-wise), you can buy last year’s version for a good price. You’ll also find that software tutorials focusing on older products (abundant the world over) are discounted. By looking to the past, you can snag a program and a tutorial for one very low price.

Learn to Share (With Freeware, That Is)

Some of the top design programs also happen to be free programs. For obvious reasons, this works to your great advantage. A number of popular software manufacturers offer trial versions of any given program. You’ll find programs such as Paint Shop Pro through various freeware websites.

Even though some freeware and trial versions of graphics programs can be limited, these versions will give you some clue as to what you can expect if you do save enough money to buy a new program. Alternately, you can work with the freeware version of a program, though this may not be feasible.

Dig for Discounts

Even the biggest graphics manufacturing giants (such as Adobe) offer discounts. These discounts tend to come with various stipulations, but neglecting to note a discount is a bad decision. Frequently, students, professors, and other types of educators can purchase graphics programs for a small price. While not free, these discounts will help you to gather all of the graphics programs that you are looking for without breaking the bank.

If you do find a discount on a good graphics product, find out if the discounted product comes with a user’s manual. While not essential, a user’s manual can help you wade through difficult programs. Keep in mind that you can purchase program manuals independently if need be. You may also find discounted programs through various websites (such as Ebay). It’s not unusual for someone who’s decided to upgrade to sell a product through a discount or auction site.