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  • PUSH: The Latest FItness Device
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Anyone who has been to the gym to lift weights to increase muscle mass and get stronger has been there: you're laying on the bench with the barbell in your hands, arms shaking, wondering if you even have one more rep in you. It could go either way: you got it, or you don't.

If you enjoy pumping iron at the gym, you might be excited about the newest gadget to hit Indiegogo: PUSH. This handy device will allow you to safely increase a hard-to-measure metric, velocity, rather than kill yourself with extra reps. This aligns with new advice from exercise experts, encouraging people to increase the velocity at which they lift instead of increase reps which can lead to injury.

What It Does

You wear it at the gym on your arm or leg in a band, as with other types of fitness trackers or like an iPod arm band. Its shape was designed with the weightlifter in mind, right down to the size and shape.

The PUSH device tracks many different metrics for you: strength; force; tempo; balance; and more. It determines when you need to increase the amount of weight you're lifting based on how you're doing over time, sensing if you are flying through sets like they're your job.

What It Tracks

It's really a handy, all-around metric tracker for serious weightlifters. It can track the 10 key exercises involving weights like dead lifts, kettle bell lifts, push ups, pull ups, bench presses, and squats.

But how did they do it? They designed a unique algorithm for each separate exercises, allowing the device to report the most precise information regarding that specific muscle movement. In the future, more exercises will be added.

More Exercises, More Data

PUSH co-founder Rami Alhamad put the call out to other developers hoping to get additional ideas from them regarding what exercises they'd like to see represented. Rowing? Tennis? He knows the PUSH device can provide the appropriate, accurate feedback.

An app for the iPhone or Android will be included for free (how else are you to track the metrics the device records?), along with a web portal for those that prefer to analyze the data on their laptop or PC. Have a trainer, or are you a trainer? You can choose an optional subscription service to see more comprehensive metrics the average lifter just won't be able to make sense of.

Additional Information

After only a few days on Indiegogo, PUSH has reached the halfway point of their goal. Pretty incredible, and indicative of the growing popularity of the health and wellness industry. Want to contribute to the fundraising campaign? Great!

One level earns you a heart monitor, which will one day integrate with PUSH perfectly. In fact, there are plans in the works to integrate PUSH with other types of apps out there already on the market.

PUSH will go beta in December. Currently, there are more than 1,000 beta testers signed up to give it a go. If you purchase a device on Indiegogo, expect it to ship in April.