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  • Qmadix Twin Tablet Charger: Charge Twice
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If you own two iPads, you may have noticed that it’s a pain charging both iPads at once. In fact, most of the time it’s downright impossible to charge two iPads at the same time. That’s where Qmadix comes into play. The company has just created the Qmadix Twin Tablet Charger, which allows users to charge two tablets at the same time. Even better, this charger is compact enough to slip into any back or store in any glove compartment.

This dual-charger retails for around $39, which might seem like a lot for a simple charger. However, this charger will not only save you a lot of time, it will also prove a wise investment when it comes to quality. If you’re tired of charging one tablet after the other, here’s why you should pay close attention to the Qmadix Twin Tablet Charger.

Important Details

Chargers are not all created equal. Even Apple chargers aren’t all they’re cracked up to be – just take a look at the current charger exchange program Apple was forced to create thanks to defective chargers. When you head into a store to purchase a charger, there’s no doubt that the sheer selection will drive you insane with uncertainty, but there are some important things to know.

The Qmadix Twin Tablet Charger comes with two 2.1A USB ports. This is a high rating as far as chargers are concerned, and it means that your tablet will be charged with speed. In addition, this charger comes with some pretty decent looking LED lights, which just add to the look of the charger (and help you find out where to place your device in the dark). All of these things add up to a charger that’s less than $40 – a very decent deal in my book.

Other Uses

If you don’t own two tablets, don’t worry. This charger can handle one tablet and one smartphone instead of two tablets. Really, anything that fits into the USB slots can be charged with this charger, and you won’t have to fight over charging time. There are lots of dual-chargers on the market, but this one really takes the cake for overall design and quality.
You’ll also love how compact this charger is.

Instead of dealing with a bulky charger that’s difficult to carry and store, all you have to do is slip this charger into that front pocked underneath your dash or store it inside of your bag for easy portability. Chargers may not seem like an exciting purchase, but there’s no doubt that anyone on your holiday list with more than one device to charge at once will appreciate this novel charger.


The Qmadix Twin Tablet Charger is currently available through authorized retailers. As mentioned, I strongly suggest this charger to anyone who knows someone who owns two tablets or two devices. Sure, it’s just a car charger, but it’s a car charger that’s powerful, portable, and can handle two devices at once. Not a lot of other dual-devices on the market can make all of these awesome claims. If you’re looking for a dual charger, look no further than the Qmadix Twin Tablet Charger.