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  • Qualcomm's New Spapdragon 805 Processor In Action
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Qualcomm's Snapdragon 805 processor isn't new news. The company actually announced the processor back in November. But, it's not until now that news of what the process can do has surfaced - more than news, actually. Let's call this 'proof' of what the processor can do.

Qualcomm is showing off the new processor at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as you're reading this. And, what better way to show off a processor with amazing capabilities than to build a 4K tablet just to showcase what that processor can do? Well, that's exactly what Qualcomm has done.

4K Tablets Coming To You

Qualcomm wants to the world to see what the Snapdragon 805 can do, and what life will be like in the near future with 4K tablets. At the conference, Qualcomm has loaded its own 4k tablet with titles like 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' and 'Asphalt 8,' which are two popular Android titles.

These games were not built for 4k, but the Qualcomm processor is still doing a fine job of displaying its pixel density increase. The real point of showing off the processor is, though, to let the world know that the new Qualcomm processor is ready to roll. What's next? Android tablet makers have to start hooking up with what Qualcomm has created. It's really only a matter of time before 4k Android tablets start showing up, and that will bring Google's Android to a whole new level.

Not Just for Gamers

Sure, gamers stand to gain the most from the new Qualcomm processor, but it's not just gamers that will get a lot out of what Qualcomm has created. Basically, everything that you can do on your tablet is about to get a lot better with 4K. Plus, it's going to be really hard for people to pass up tablets that are of the 4K sort.

It's estimated that the first 4K tablets will appear sometime this summer. I'm guessing that that 'sometime' might be around August (or possibly September, but that would push the releases into the fall season). Since summertime tends to be a time when device developers craft and create new products, this timeline does make a lot of sense.

Wait to Buy that Tablet

If you're a gamer, you'll want to wait for the 4K tablets. Since that wait is just a few months away now, it's hard to find a reason why you wouldn't want to hold off on buying the updated version. If you aren't a gamer, though, the 4K option may not be as important - but still worth checking out.

This summer will bring with it the release of the 4K tablets. In addition, of course, Apple is expected to release some new devices in September. This all means that the next few months will be exciting ones where new devices are concerned. What do you think about Qualcomm's new processor? Will you wait for the 4K tablets to appear, or will you still buy that tablet you have your eye on?