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We’ve all been there – trying to explain how to use a site or set up a WordPress blog to a computer-challenged friend. Sometimes, it’s hard not to wish that you could just pop over to your friend’s house and take over the reins. Of course, this is hard to do if your friend lives many miles away – let me rephrase that: it used to be hard to control someone else’s computer from many miles away.

Now, there’s Quick Screen Share. This web app allows you to remote control, show, and share anything that you need to get across to a friend, family member, or colleague without actually traveling to that person’s house. Confused? Here’s a quick rundown of what Quick Screen Share can help you accomplish.

How It Works

Let’s say that you want to show your mom how to use Facebook. You can head to the Quick Screen Share website, enter your mom’s name, and within minutes a one-time link will appear. You can then send that link to your mom, and the two of you will be connected. As your mom is looking at her screen, you can move around the Facebook homepage using your own computer and mouse. Your mom will be able to track your movements just by looking at her screen.

If you really want to take control, just tell you mom to sit back and relax. You can control her computer remotely using your own computer. Pretty neat, isn’t it? The Quick Screen Share web app is so neat that you might expect a site like this one to cost a bundle. Well, the good news is that Quick Screen Share is completely free to use. That’s right, this service is free.

Some Things to Consider

At the time of this writing, Quick Screen Share is in beta form. Thus, the service is really only available for peer-to-peer usage. If you want to work with someone who uses a very secure network, Quick Screen Share may not work that well. But, again, this app is likely to improve as time marches on and as apps do once they are out of beta form.

I’m surprised that more people haven’t picked up on Quick Screen Share yet. This website app is a great tool to use if you want to work with someone who has a hard time using a computer or figuring out a program. Best of all, Quick Screen Share couldn’t be simpler to use. Really, even your computer-challenged mom can figure out how to use this app.

No Plug-Ins and No Sign Ups

You may have read through this review thinking: there are other services like this one out there. This is partially true. Sure, there are other ways to share screens through other websites and apps, but most of these options are a pain. You have to sign-up, pay a fee, and use a plug-in if you want to share screen with most other apps of this sort.

Clearly, Quick Screen Share is the better option. In fact, this web app is bound to become a very popular option within the near future. If you want to give it a whirl today, go ahead and head to the Quick Screen Share site. You’ll find that the directions for using the app couldn’t be easier to comprehend.