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Intuit’s QuickBooks has long been a reliable and well known accounting app. Why Intuit didn’t make an iPad app sooner is unknown, but the app has finally arrived. New QuickBooks users will find the app useful while seasoned users may find the app completely different. This time around, Intuit has focused more on bookkeeping and less on accounting, but that doesn’t make the app any less useful that QuickBooks software.

Signing Up for An Account

It would be great if app users could skip sign ups altogether. If sign up processes were simple and fast, more apps might be used. But that’s not the world we live in quite yet. The next best thing is an app with a signup process that isn’t painful. The QuickBooks iPad app uses GPS to plug in known user details. This small feature does make the sign up process easier. In addition to those details, users only have to enter a business name and add a logo to get started with the app.

One signed up, navigating through the QuickBooks app is simple enough. The app is filled with basic bookkeeping features including quick invoicing, adding snapshots, receipt tracking, and adding new customers. There are also lots of graphs and charts added to the app that make keeping track of anything simpler. One particularly interesting new feature is the news feed that Intuit has created.

Customer News Feeds

The QuickBooks app lets users know which customers are nearby. This feature is useful when it comes to dropping by client offices. But, that’s not the really cool new feature. The news feed feature allows users to see what clients have been up to. Every bit of information that’s been updated or clients who have changed any details will be added to the news feed. Right now, this feed doesn’t include social media updates, but this will soon be part of the new QuickBooks app.

Intuit is also working on a new payment feature for the app. The “Go Payment” feature will include a mobile payment option. This feature is something that Intuit is currently working on, but will likely surface within the next few months. The Go Payment feature will make it simpler to collect payments from clients while also keeping track of all other client data. Amazingly, QuickBooks currently has over 4 million users – that’s saying a lot about this company’s software!

Once a simple accounting app, QuickBooks has certainly come a long, long way. The new QuickBooks app for iPad is fast and easy to use, but also comes with lots of innovative new features. Are there programs out there that come with more bookkeeping and accounting features? Probably; but 4 million people can’t be wrong, and Intuit has been around for a very long time.

Plus, the new features that the company is working on are really quite promising. The QuickBooks iPad app is available in the App Store right now. The price for this app is somewhat high, but has been set with small businesses in mind. At $12.99 per month, the new QuickBooks app is worth the price if you have lots of clients to keep track of.