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It’s a marketing lesson learned time and again: successful companies listen to consumers. Clients, of any kind, will gladly express an opinion about a product or service given the chance. This is a lesson that huge retailers like Nordstrom have learned well.

By offering consumer the chance to review a product, companies such as Nordstrom have gained consumer trust. No matter how large or small your business is, you can gain client trust too. How? By providing an easy (and simple) poll for potential clients and current clients to complete, you can find out if your website or blog is working for you.

The only issue with polling is that creating a poll that people actually want to use is difficult. A poll can’t be too long and it can’t be filled with useless questions. Otherwise, nobody will bother taking the time to answer any queries you currently have. Instead of trying to create your own poll, consider using a new web application called Quipol.

What Is Quipol?

Quipol is a web application that lets anyone create simple one-line polls. For example, if you currently run a finance blog, you might ask your readers the question: “will you invest in Facebook?” Once you write your Quipol question, you can choose an image from your own collection, upload the photo, create a poll context, and hit the “generate poll” button. In a few minutes, the poll that you have created will appear on-screen with the image you have selected. You will also see a HTML code to the left of the screen.

Copying the simple code that Quipol provides and posting it on your website will allow your customers to answer your polling question. After your poll has been on your site for a few days, you can log back into the Quipol website where you will see your homepage. On that homepage, you can find out how many people answered your poll and what the general consensus was. This whole process took me approximately five minutes to complete, it was painless, user-friendly, self-explanatory, and all around great.

Why Poll?

Not only can a website poll provide you with important marketing information, but you’ll also find that asking your customers to answer a question provides clients with a sense of interaction and importance. Simply put, people like to voice an opinion. Quipol makes offering clients the opportunity to voice that opinion simple. If you have a website, a product, a service, a blog, or any other kind of online presence, there’s really no reason not to check out Quipol.

You’ll also be happy to note that Quipol is completely free to use. All you have to do is sign up for that free account, think of a good question (something controversial is always a good choice), and you’ll be ready to roll. There are lots of web applications out there, but every once in awhile a valuable market tool like Quipol comes along – check out this site and gain an advantage over your competition.