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  • Quit Your Job Using the 'Quit Your Job' App!
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I really don't recommend breaking up with someone or quitting your job via text message. But, if you must, you can at least make sure that it's done with some tact. A new app for iOS called 'Quit Your Job' does just that - lets you quit your job via text.

Dying to tell your boss that you don't need your job anymore? Here's how the 'Quit Your Job' app works.

Using Quit Your Job

When you load the app, you will see a menu that lets you pick your reason for leaving your current position. The options are:

1. I'm sick of the corporate world
2. I want to get rich
3. I found a new job

After you make that decision, you will have to figure out who to send your text message to. From that menu, you will be faced with three options as follows:

1. My boss
2. My partner
3. My friend

Once that's done, it's time to play ball. The app will then pull up your contact list. As soon as you've picked the lucky recipient, the app will create a text based on your selections. If you're ready to send the text, just hit the 'send' button.

Breaking the News

I love the idea of this app because so many people quit via text (again, this is seriously not recommended). So, if you're going to quit with a text message, you may as well make sure that your message makes sense, right? But, you should really be prepared for the inevitable: a phone call.

I bet you thought you could dodge that bullet, right? Well, sorry, you can't. You see, the person you've just sent your text to will want to know why you're quitting, when you're leaving and all kinds of other stuff. While useful, this app won't save you from facing your boss or partner or friend in the end. It will, however, break the ice.

Better for Lovers

Do you know how many people break up with a lover via text? Thousands! It's low, it's pathetic, and it's not something that you should do - but it is done. I can see a lot of people using this app for breaking up with a lover, which may be a better use of the app than quitting your job. The app was originally created to inject some humour into the resignation process, but it is being used by a ton of people to quit real jobs.

Here's something really funny: the app lets you 'quit your job again' if you want to. To really annoy your (ex) boss, send a bunch of quitting messages in a row! Or, don't. If you aren't planning on burning bridges, go see your current boss and act like a human. Not like the machines that we've all become.

Would you use this app to quit your job? The app isn't available for Android yet, but I'm guessing it will head in that direction soon enough. So, show of hands: how many people have quit a job via text?