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  • The Razer Blade Laptop: For Gamers Only
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If you’re not involved in gaming circles, it’s possible that you’ve never heard of Razer. Razer is a company that makes mostly gaming gear such as mice, keyboards, and other accessories. Recently, Razer introduced the Blade. The Razer Blade is a gaming laptop that’s shiny, new, and impressive all around.

Since Razer is a gaming company, it should come as no surprise that the Blade is not your average work laptop. Instead, the Blade is a gaming laptop through and through. If gaming is, well, your game, the Razer Blade is one laptop that you don’t want to skip over. The Blade will set you back $2000+, but this is not a lot considering the average price of some of Apple’s laptop offerings.

What the Blade’s Got

Razer is billing the Blade as “the world’s first gaming laptop.” Company reps state that the Blade can be considered the only gaming laptop, since it is both fast enough to play games and tough enough to replace a desktop. It also doesn’t hurt that the Blade has been designed just for gaming through and through.

Razer added “Switchblade UI” to the Blade. This UI concept comes with ten tactile buttons that are, essentially, command buttons and a small LCD screen. This LCD screen can be used as a custom trackpad or as a second screen. Needless to say, this second screen is one of the main things that sets the Blade apart from the rest. The Blade also comes with an anti-ghosted keyboard that’s backlit, and the entire laptop is just .88-inches thick.

One Drawback

The one drawback that’s noticeable right away about the Blade is that this laptop doesn’t appear to have an optical drive. This is not a good move on Razer’s part, since lesser laptops do come with an optical drive. Aside from this drawback, the Razer Blade may be a bit too expensive for some gamers who are looking for something more affordable.

But, I’ll say it again: the Razer Blade isn’t the most expensive laptop out there. It is, however, the one laptop that gamers of all kinds are bound to enjoy immensely. Should you opt for the Blade? If you have more than $2000 to spend on a gaming laptop, and you want something that was built for gaming, this laptop is definitely for you.


The Razer Blade should be available by the end of 2011. Unlike most other tech companies, Razer is not putting the Blade out on the holiday market. Presumably, this is because Razer knows its market is gamers, and most gamers will wait for the Blade to arrive no matter what time of year it is.

If you want to check out more specs about the Blade, take a moment to view what Razer has to offer on the company website. This laptop is svelte, lovely to look at, and comes with more gaming features than any other laptop currently on the market. Did I mention that you can easily carry around the Blade too? Roll all of these things together and you have a laptop for gamers that can’t be beat.