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  • Razer Improves Performance of Gaming Laptop
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The new Razer Blade was displayed at the PAX convention in Seattle, and gamers everywhere will rejoice. It will not only be more powerful in terms of processing speed and have more internal storage space while staying slim and sleek, it will be a few hundred bucks cheaper as well (and that's always a good thing).

Gamers didn’t mind the $2,800 price tag that went along with Razer’s first gaming offering, the Razer Blade. It was extremely lightweight and 0.88 inches in thickness, boasting an impressive 17-inch display. This made for a sleek look and guaranteed easy portability, allowing users to enjoy gaming on-the-go. However, the next Razer Blade will open up their customer base to those looking for the best gaming experience by both improving the performance and at the same time dropping the price.

The New Razer Blade

This next generation Razer Blade is slated to be released September 30, and looks identical to its predecessor. The difference lies inside: a hybrid drive (a combination of a 500 gigabyte hard drive and a fast 64GB SSD drive), as well as a third-generation Intel quad-core CPU. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan boasts that they are among the first companies to use this chip in their systems. The Blade also includes upgraded USB ports and dual WiFi, improving the user’s connection speed.

The company has upgraded the NVIDIA graphics chip as well, making this Razer Blade twice as fast as the original, putting it in a class by itself: although it measures up to most traditional gaming laptops, it beats them in portability. The majority of gaming laptops offered on the market are more than two inches thick and weigh ten pounds or more. The new Razer Blade is a jaw dropping weight of just under seven pounds.

Play More Games Thanks to Switchblade Interface

Razer’s Switchblade interface allows the creation of custom icons and maps which assign in-game actions to the ten special use keys and LCD touch panel display on the laptop. Red 5 CEO Mark Kern demonstrated these functions with Red 5’s new action shooter game, Firefall, at PAX. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Battlefield 3 are two other games also adding these customized functions.

Higher Performance, Lower Price

Tan won’t give an indication as to sales figures, but he did say that their initial 30-day inventory of the laptop sold out in a mere 30 minutes. It is the sales themselves that have allowed Razer to lower the price of the next generation Blade to $2,500, $300 less than the original model. After reviewing customer feedback and the pros and cons, Razer knew just what consumers were looking for in their next gaming laptop. Clearly, Tan said, consumers are looking for higher performance when it comes to gaming.

The lower price on this laptop should please gamers as they’ll be scoring the best gaming laptop out there for less than the original Blade they may not have originally been able to purchase. Pre-orders begin September 2 on the Razer website.