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  • You FM: Radio for You!
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Rdio is Pandora's biggest rival, but Pandora might not know that yet. Rdio is a streaming music service that offers a free trial and plenty to love.

Users can stream music from a desktop or mobile device, and pick up where they left off from one device to another (devices communicate, so that Rdio never stops working). Rdio also offers a user-friendly mobile and desktop interface, and it's a lot of fun to use - in fact, I use it daily. Plus, it works in Canada!

Yesterday, Rdio rolled out a new feature. This feature is called 'You FM,' and it's a streaming gathering of a user's favorite albums, artist, and songs into one nicely organized radio station that's entirely personalized. Take a look.

Why You FM Rocks

Other streaming companies have attempted to create personalized radio stations, but many (like MySpace) fall really short of this task. Rdio takes into consideration a user's listening history, the artists that a user has liked on Facebook or followed on Twitter. By combining these favorites, Rdio effectively puts together a continuous radio station that users love.

In addition to the You FM radio stations Rdio is creating, the service also makes it possible for usres to find out more about a paritcular artist by exploring artist profiles. You FM stations can be adjusted according to a user's preferences, and some songs can be added or taken away as a user sees fit. The whole thing is entirely customizable and flows without interruption.

Rdio Is Growing

Right now, Rdio offers more than 20 million songs in the company's catalog. In addition to those millions of songs, the service also comes with a selection of 10 different types of stations. Users really have a great choice of songs to select from, and Rdio's free trial offer is a really impressive way to get users to enjoy the service. So far, that trial offer trap is really working on this reviewer.

What if you want to buy a Rdio subscription? To get the streaming service that's bound to kill Pandora, you will have to pay $10 per month. That trial offer lasts for six ad-free months, and the new You FM stations are bound to entice free trial users to sign up for the service permanently.

Rdio Advantages

Rdio has a lot of advantages as compared to other streaming services, but the number one advantage is that this service is offered outside of the USA. So, Canadians are likely to jump aboard the Rdio train. That's one advantage that Rdio has over other services.

Another advantage is that 6-month ad-free trial offer. Six months is a long time for a free trial offer, and it's the best way to check out what Rdio can offer. Lastly, Rdio has that cross-platform support that's tough to beat. Combined, all of these things make Rdio a better streaming service, and now this service comes with a personalized radio station for every user. What's not to love? Do you use Rdio?