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As a reporter, investigator or any other user with a professional or personal reason to want to record their phone calls, {{http://g-recorder.com/|G-Recorder}} is perhaps the best, easiest to use solution. G-Recorder leverages software that most of us already use--Skype--with a powerful and convenient recording and archiving functionality. Without requiring any additional hardware, such as tape recorders, microphones or headsets, G-Recorder allows you to capture your normal Skype voice calls and chats and archive them on a web server and/or your local hard drive.


G-Recorder is thusly named because it records your Skype-to-Skype, SkypeOut, SkypeIn and Skype conference calls as MP3s and then saves them in your Gmail account. It essentially records the conversation and then emails it to yourself, allowing you to access it from anywhere. Furthermore, G-Recorder can keep a local copy on your hard drive. G-Recorder can also export your existing Skype chat history to your Gmail inbox.

The beauty of G-Recorder is that it works practically automatically. Simply install G-Recorder and allow it to run in the background while you conduct Skype calls as normal. There’s no fiddling around with audio drivers or system audio monitoring protocols. Just make your call and G-Recorder captures it for your future reference.


There are two versions of G-Recorder: standard and professional. You can try G-Recorder for 14 days before purchasing a license. Both support Gmail, Yahoo and AOL mail with audio recording on multiple computers. But the professional version includes support for corporate email servers and emailing to other email addresses, as well as searchable call and chat notes.

The standard license is $24.99 and the professional license is $39.99. Both are lifetime licenses--you do not need to renew monthly or yearly.

G-Recorder is available for Windows-based computers. There is a Mac version, but it is only available in the professional edition at $39.99.


The main limitations of G-Recorder have to do with the file size limits imposed by Gmail. Gmail attachments can only be up to 20 MB. For standard quality phone calls, this comes out to about 2 hours per call. Higher quality phone call recordings will be shorter. There is no limit to the length of recordings stored locally, however.

Other Considerations

In the U.S., each state has differing laws regarding the recording of conversations. Most states require two party consent--that is, you must notify the person you are talking to that they are being recorded. Or, there must be a reasonable assumption that they are being recorded. For example, if you identify yourself as a journalist conducting an interview for a paper, this is usually enough to imply that the subject is being recorded. Nevertheless, it’s a best practice to be familiar with the laws in your state and to let subjecst know that they are being recorded. In fact, G-Recorder will send a message indicating that the call is being recorded for Skype-to-Skype correspondences. This message won’t be passed along for Skype-to-phone or SkypeOut calls, however.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that Skype has recently been purchased by Microsoft. While the G-Recorder team has been fairly good about keeping the software updated and functional, there is a chance that Microsoft will take Skype in a direction that renders G-Recorder unusable. G-Recorder is third-party software that is not developed by Skype.