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  • Red Stamp: Your Valentine's Day App
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Not so great at all the mushy Valentine’s Day stuff? There’s an app that will save you from certain disaster if you forgot to buy your loved one a red, white, or pink gift.

That app is called Red Stamp, and it’s available for iOS. What is Red Stamp? It’s an effective way to say, “even though I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day, here’s an awesome custom card that I made just for you!” And, guess what? Red Stamp is free.

Signing Up for Red Stamp

So, this sign up process couldn’t be simpler. Just download Red Stamp from the App Store, add in your details, and you’re ready to roll. Yep, that’s it.

Customizing a Card

Here’s the fun part: Red Stamp lets you choose a pre-made card design, and then the app lets you plug in personal details. For example, you can select a pre-made Valentine’s Day card, and then add a photo of you and your lady that you strategically snapped while she wasn’t looking this week (hint, hint).

Sending Your New Card

Red Stamp makes it simple to send your card too. This app lets you email a card, post it to someone’s Facebook wall, send the card via Twitter, post your card on Instagram – and even send your card via snail mail (though there is a postage fee attached to the paper option). Which method of sending your card should you choose?

It depends on what your girlfriend is like. If she’s the private type, go the email route. If she wants to show all of her friends that you are amazing, post the card on her Facebook or Instagram wall. If you want to add a hashtag and send it out to all of her followers, why not put it on Twitter? You can use the tag #bestgirlever, or cash in on what some companies are doing right now in the spirit of the Cupid holiday (some companies are giving away goodies with certain tags!).

If she happens to be the romantic type, though, you have no choice but to send your card the old-fashioned way. I’ve never seen how a paper Red Stamp card looks; so try to find a snapshot of that before you send the note – you don’t want to send a printout that looks like you made the card at home, right? Whatever way you choose to send your new card, though, it’s pretty great that Red Stamp gives you all of these options!

What to Write

Sorry, guys, this one’s up to you – but I’d keep it simple. Or, just find a really great love poem online and send it to your lady that way. Another good course of action is to remember a joke or intimate moment that you shared, and then put that line into your Red Stamp card with a picture of her and a puppy – puppies always work!

No matter how you set it up, you just can’t ignore Valentines’ Day when you have an app like Red Stamp!