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  • Red Stamp's New 'Create Your Own' Collection
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Red Stamps is primarily a free greeting card app. This app comes with some of the best looking greeting cards (for every occasion) available. You can even add your own photos and words to these digital cards, share with friends across social networks, and send cards via email. Red Stamp makes acknowledging any occasion simpler. Now, Red Stamp is moving into the business world with the new 'Create Your Own' collection.

Red Stamp's 'Create Your Own' collection is aimed specifically at business owners that want to share items with consumers, send out business cards, and do all kinds of other amazing stuff with Red Stamp technology. Here's the scoop.

Create Your Own Selections

Red Stamp's new 'Create Your Own' collection lets you send out custom, branded, letterhead, business cards, invitations, notes, and announcements from any mobile device. Using the app is simple, and the whole process takes just a few moments of your time. To begin, you will have to download the Red Stamp mobile app or sign up to use the Red Stamp website.

Once that's done, you will see a 'Create Your Own' feature option. Clicking on this will allow you to create your own customized letterhead, logos, business cards, any anything else (almost) that you have in mind.

Setting Up Your Customized Info

Creating your customized letterhead is simple enough. You can pick from a number of predetermined patterns, mess around with colours and fonts, and add information like addresses, phone numbers, URLs, and other bits about you. The whole thing is customized from start to finish, and you can see what your content will look like thanks to a handy pre-edit function. There's just one catch: this service from Red Stamp is not free.

Costs of Using The New Red Stamp Service

If you want customized letterhead and logos, you will have to pay $29.99 initially. After that, the price is $4.99 per month for unlimited digital sharing. If you want to send out printed physical cards, the price is $0.99 per card. None of these charges will be applied to your account until you have finished the setup process and your logo has been published. You can link a credit card to your account in order finalize the deal.

Why use this service? It all depends on how much letterhead and other items you send out. It also depends on how much you like what Red Stamp has to offer. I suggest that you go through the setup process, check out what you can create, and see whether or not it will be worth that $30. If you send out a lot of correspondence digitally, paying $4.99 per month for these items isn't bad at all.

Available to All

Red Stamp's new business features are currently available to all users. If you have Red Stamp, check it out. If you don't have Red Stamp, you can sign up via the Red Stamp website or through a mobile app (iOS and Android). If you run a business, send out lots of digital company papers, you need Red Stamp's new service!