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  • ReelSurfer: Find That 30 Second Movie Clip Fast
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Have you ever wanted to see a part of a movie that you just can’t find on the Internet? You know, that thirty-second clip that made a movie a legend? A new site called ReelSurfer aims to provide users with searchable ways to find bits of movie reel. This Y Combinator-backed startup has a lot of purpose and is clearly something that many people will find useful.

The ReelSurfer Interface

The ReelSurfer team has done a good job of creating a simple interface. As soon as you visit the ReelSurfer site, you will see popular reel clips. You can click on any one of these reels in order to view the clip. You can also leave a comment if you have something to say about a clip. If you just want to search for a clip, you can do so by visiting one of the many clip categories (animals, entertainment…). You can also clip a video or make a reel.

Clipping a video is simple enough to do too. ReelSurfer has come up with a user-friendly way to create a clip. First, insert a video URL. Then, using the ReelSurfer tools, clip the video where you want it. Next, share the clipped video with your friends using various social networks. If your video proves to be a hit, you might see your clip on the ReelSurfer front page.

Making a Reel with ReelSurfer

ReelSurfer lets you do more than just create clips. You can create entire reels too. If you sign up for a ReelSurfer account, any video that you clip will be stored in your account profile. Then, you can combine all of the clips you’ve created in order to create a reel. You can share the reels that you create too. Essentially, ReelSurfer is a mini video-editing suite for those who don’t have video editing tools. While you can’t professionally edit a video using ReelSurfer, it is a fun way to put together a few clips or to create a reel of anything.

ReelSurfer has a lot of potential. If you ever take videos of occasions or of your kids, you know how great it is to put all of those clips together. It’s also a lot of fun to clip movies and videos that you love, and combine all of those things into a reel. One of the best features of ReelSurfer is that you can simply share any clip or reel that you want with your friends and family. It’s also nice to note that you can find quick movie or video clips without spending hours searching online. ReelSurfer hasn’t quite caught on yet, but this is a young startup that’s sure to shine in the months ahead.

There’s nothing really complex about using ReelSurfer, and this reviewer doesn’t have any real complains about the website. In fact, ReelSurfer provides a great way to create clips, find clips, make movie reels, and really just have a lot of fun using a handy video-editing suite that’s absolutely free. I’m not sure yet how ReelSurfer plans to make money, but this startup has already gained funding, so it’s clear that investors have a good amount of interest in what ReelSurfer has to offer. To find out more about this company, make sure to visit the ReelSurfer site.