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  • RentSocial: A Better Way to Rent
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Renting a home or apartment can be tiresome and troublesome. One way to find a property is to look through the rental section of your local newspaper. Another way is to walk around the neighborhood you want to live in and write down rental phone numbers (followed up by phone calls). A new way to find a rental property is to use the site RentSocial (now in beta). This site aims to make renting a property easier by providing concise and detailed rental information to renters all across the world.

In addition, RentSocial allows users to enter information about a current or past rental, so that new renters (or potential renters) know what to look out for. There are all kinds of other cool features on the site too, and signing up for RentSocial is painless (and ad free at the moment). If you’re searching for an apartment or home to rent in your area, here’s what you’ll find at RentSocial.

Setting It All Up

Setting up a RentSocial account is simple if you log in using your current Facebook account (the usual permission apply, though you can opt out of letting RentSocial post on your behalf). It took this reviewer two minutes, maybe less, to connect to the RentSocial site using a Facebook account. Once your homepage has been created, you can search for a property, edit your profile, or add a home property (for those who are currently renting). You can also share the site with your friends, which is really the best way to gain a number of different opinions about a rental property (and to help RentSocial spread news about the site).

From there, navigating the site is really just a matter of going through the startup tutorial in addition to clicking on each possible link. Keep in mind that RentSocial is currently in beta, so don’t expect that map to be popping with available rental properties. The idea here is to get as many people to join the site as you can, so that it becomes a rental network or social rental network or something of this nature. Just like a social network, you can message friends, networking, and receive messages too.

A Great Concept

Renting any kind of property can be tedious work that’s largely painful. RentSocial makes this process a lot easier. By developing a user-friendly site that’s a cross between a rental site and a social network, RentSocial has tapped into a niche market. If you’re looking to rent an apartment in any area, make sure to sign up for a RentSocial account. Likewise, if you currently live in an apartment and have a terrible landlord, consistent problems, or you happen to love where you live, let the RentSocial community know about these things (hey, why no warn potential renters?).

RentSocial is a great concept that this reviewer hopes survives the startup process. You can help RentSocial out by visiting the site today and finding out how easy it can be to rent a great property.