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  • Use RescueTime to Regain Lost Hours
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In today’s busy world just about every company in the world is concerned about the productivity of their workers especially since the invention of time wasting games like solitaire and the internet which enables every employee to be constantly connected to the internet.

With RescueTime every individual or company has the ability to effectively track their employees and do a variety of things like:

1. Checking everything that’s running in the background – This feature will track everything that the user does on their computer В including websites that are visited and how long you spend chatting online. RescueTime users can opt out of this feature but after realizing how much time you spend on Facebook and Twitter every week they might think again.
2. Smart checking – Unlike other programs that don’t provide the most specific data, RescueTime stops tracking when the computer user walks away from the computer and then start up again when they resume their work.
3. Different computers – You can install RescueTime on more than one computer at a time and receive one concise report for your total productive time spent during the day on each machine that you use.

Will Rescue Time Really Save You Time?

The average computer user who installs RescueTime can expect to save at least three hours of time per week. This may seem like a little or a lot of time to you depending on your situation but in the business world where time equals money those extra three hours that you save do mean a lot.

RescueTime doesn’t essentially save В you time, it helps you to better schedule or organize the time that you already have so you can plan better and get rid of unproductive or wasteful habits.

Goal Setting

Besides being a great resource that will help you to save a lot of time, this application will also help you to set goals and meet them by sending out alerts if you’re spending too much or too little time in any given area. RescueTime users can also collaborate with each other to compare how well they are managing their time.

Set Up

Unlike other applications that require data entry and a comprehensive set up process, RescueTime is super easy to set up on any computer and can be done in just a few minutes then it will easily monitor and individual or employees computer in the background with or without their knowledge. Since all data is housed on the RescueTime servers it’s not necessary to worry about installing this application on a server or maintaining it because all data is collected on the cloud.

This program is compatible for both Mac and PC. Some people might call it “Big Brother” but if you’re serious about reclaiming productive time every week in your personal or work like then this program has the answers that you’re looking for.

RescueTime is a secure application that eliminates the hassles that come with other time management programs. If you’re serious about reclaiming your productive time you should check out this application today.