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Sometimes you just want to book a class. Simply. Without filling out tons of forms or calling people to find out prices. Google is on that.

Google has recently created Reserve With Google. This service allows you to search for something using Google and reserve a spot immediately. Sound good? Here’s how it works.

Reserve With Google Details

Right now, Reserve with Google is focused on fitness classes, but I can see the potential for all kinds of reservations using this system (restaurant, etc). So how does it work? Reserve With Google uses various scheduling programs such as Full Slate, Front Desk, MyTime, GenBook, MINDBODY (and others) to connect fitness goers with studios.

After searching for a fitness spot using Google Maps or Google search, you can book directly with a studio through Google. The catch here is that you do have to find a studio that’s using Reserve With Google or a connected scheduling program. Reserve with Google currently only works across the United States.

Book Again

Sometimes booking a class at certain studios can be hard to do - especially if you want to get into the spinning class you usually take but it’s always full. Using Google Reserve, you don’t have to call the studio or use some clunky program through the studio. With just one click, you can actually book a class as soon as you see it on Google Maps or through Google search.

Reserve with Google also makes suggestions based on the last few classes that you have booked. Clicking on any of the tile suggestions will lead you to a few different class times. From there, you can click the book button. Google’s reserve system is linked directly with your Google calendar, too, so you can keep track of those classes that you have booked.

Making Life Simpler

If you travel a lot and are a fitness junkie, you probably know that hotel gyms aren’t the best fitness centers. Sure, some of those gyms have the basics (granted, they might have been basic back in 1970), but it’s hard to find a stellar gym at any hotel. Most fitness enthusiasts take to running or just take time off when traveling due to a lack of any great fitness options.

With Reserve With Google, finding a fitness class that will live up to your regular exercise expectations makes life simpler - and healthier. You no longer have to stick to your hotel gym in order to take a yoga class or find a CrossFit gym. All you have to do is visit Google Maps or conduct a Google search.

A Win for Google Too

Google knows that the fitness industry is huge. The company is banking on people using its app to find fitness classes in all kinds of locations. Plus, fitness centers and studios of all kinds can advertise through the reservation system - if your studio is at the top of a Google search, you can easily grab a lot of new clients using Google’s new reserve option. So it’s a win-win for both fitness studios and Google.

Of course, if you do own a studio, your content and SEO have to be on point in order to make it to the top of that Google search. If you live in the US, you can use Reserve With Google starting today.