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  • Resident Evil 6 To Arrive In November
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For the first time in more than three years, a new addition to Resident Evil has arrived. Resident Evil 6: Biohazard is making its way towards North American shelves this coming November. The game was released in Japan awhile ago, and thus far the game is enjoying a large amount of success (more than 47 million games sold, thus far). Needless to say, Resident Evil fans have been waiting a long time for the arrival of the sixth installment, and the game doesn’t look like it will disappoint.

Characters and Storyline

Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy are back in Resident Evil 6, but enthusiasts will also find a number of new characters. As you might have guessed from the “Biohazard” title, this version of Resident Evil has characters battling a number of terrorist attacks throughout the world. The Resident Evil 6 trailer looks well-developed and full of great graphics, and Japan’s market seems to agree with this summation based on the number of sales that Capcom has enjoyed so far. You can check out the trailer for yourself (U.S. version) on the Capcom website.

Resident Evil fans may be happy to see that Capcom has decided to move the story away from Raccoon City for a change. Instead of taking place in Raccoon City, the game moves around the globe allowing players to view cities on fire and other interesting location-based explosions. The game is full of zombies and other good bits that should please a very wide audience. Simply from viewing the trailer, it’s clear to see why this newest installment of Resident Evil took so long to surface: Capcom certainly put a great deal of through into this version!

Console Release Only

Right now, the version of Resident Evil 6 that will arrive in stores in November is the console version of the game. If you’re holding out for the PC version, you might have to wait a bit longer. Capcom hasn’t officially stated when the PC version will arrive, but a good guess would be a month or two after the console version takes off. Capcom is, of course, developing the PC version, but the company might also be waiting to see how well the console version does in North America before releasing any other copies.
With the spring season fast approaching, Resident Evil fans may be wishing that the spring, summer, and fall months would simply pass by.

However, Capcom has timed the release of Biohazard perfectly, since November will mark the start of another holiday season (got a gamer on your list?). Some reviewers have noted that this version of Resident Evil attempts to please a wide variety of gamers, and this, some fear may water down the game. However, after viewing the trailer, it doesn’t look like this will be the case. If you’ve been waiting for Resident Evil 6 to arrive, the best I can offer you right now is a look at the trailer. Otherwise, I’m afraid, you’ll have to count the days until the new Resident Evil 6 hits store shelves.