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  • The Resident Evil Music You Love Is A Lie
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The deaf composer of 'Resident Evil' music has told the New York Times today that he didn't write those tunes at all.

This comes as a shock to the gaming world, and to those that often likened his work to that of other famous deaf composers like Beethoven. To find out that it was all a hoax has the gaming world in shock today.

Mamoru Samuragochi's Biggest Trick

Mamoru Samuragochi has been quoted as saying that his being deaf was a gift from God, that he struggled with his music, and that he would love to hear his music. But, none of this is really true because Mamoru Samuragochi's music has been written and composed by an anonymous composer since the start of his career.

Why did Mamoru Samuragochi suddenly tell press that his music wasn't his own? This detail hasn't yet been revealed, but I can only assume it's because he was found out. Either the person composting the pieces threatened him or someone else was about to reveal the truth. Whatever the reason, Mamoru Samuragochi decided to tell press what the truth was before his secret was uncovered.

A Career Wasted

This news is sad for a number of reasons. First, Mamoru Samuragochi's career is now ruined - a number of companies have canceled contracts with him. Second, the person that is actually writing this music still remains a mystery, and that person will never get credit for his (or her) scores. Then again, the mystery composer may just come forth in the near future to tell the world what really happened.

Things like this happen in the music industry often, though it's rare to find a gaming composer that has lied on such a large scale. Mamoru Samuragochi's work was prized with gamers and non-gamers alike, and he was known and regarded as something of a prodigy. Now that his true story has been uncovered, it may change the way that fans see his work.

Your Resident Evil Music

Resident Evil games will keep the same music for now, though it's rather likely that any future contracts have been cancelled. This news doesn't change the way that you play your game, of course, but it might change the way that you listen to the music while playing the game. Who is the person that wrote those notes? Wouldn't you love to find out?

You also have to wonder why the person writing the actual scores set up such an arrangement with Mamoru Samuragochi. Did this person not want to directly work with major companies and become one of the biggest gaming composers out there? It all seems so sad and so strange, but it's gaming news that you need to know if you idolized Mamoru Samuragochi at all.

Any thoughts as to why Mamoru Samuragochi might have faked his career? If you check out other tech blogs today, you'll see that the world is truly in an uproar over this news. I'd love to get your insight below (or on whatever social network you're reading this!).