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  • Resistbot Make it Easy to Voice Your Political Opinion
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Resistbot. If you are politically active, you’ve probably heard of this app. If not, it’s an app that makes it very simple to send letters to members of Congress. Kind of. Technically, it turns text messages into letters that are then sent directly to a person’s member of Congress.

Lots and lots of letters. 800,000 pages of letters, to be exact. Yep, that’s a lot. It’s probably more than have ever been sent in one span of time before, and it’s all thanks to some Silicon Valley engineers.

Why Resistbot Works

Not only does Resistbot turn texts into letters that are then sent to Congress members, the app also has a new trick. Resistbot can now send those letters to governors and local newspapers. Politicians are about to be bombarded with all kinds of opinions - and now newspapers are going to get some of that perspective too.

So how does Resistbot work? In the trial version of the app, users could simply send the word ‘resist’ to a phone number, and the resist bot would reply asking a user for a name and phone number. From there, a user could type out a message and hit send. The bot would determine the right congressman or woman to send the message to based on personal information.

Additional Perks

Now Resistbot users can use platforms like Facebook Messenger to send messages, and users that have sent a lot of messages can now send snail mail letters and make phone calls to politicians as well. In short, Resistbot makes it easy to connect with your local politician and let your voice be heard. So why is the app so popular?

It’s not that people don’t have opinions. It’s more that most people do not know how to get in touch with local congresspeople or newspapers. The days of picking up the phone are somewhat over. But the developers behind Resistbot have found a way past that. They’ve found the right contact details and created the bot to get in front of the right politicians.

Another Nice Bit

Now Resistbot lets users know when a vote is about to take place or when a policy has been adopted. Prior to this app, most people were uninformed about minor votes, but Resistbot is a great little remind. So how effective is it to voice your opinion over a specific vote or topic? Pretty effective. Politicians want to please the people because it’s the people that vote.

If you have something to say about the way that your country or state is being run, you should consider using Resistbot. The app has been effective so far with thousands of users sending letters all over the place. The app will be even more effective when those users can send messages about common or smaller votes.

The app is now available for people living in the US to use. You can find it through your phone’s store. If you live outside the country, the app will not work for you. However, if you do have a US address you might be able to use the app and send opinions. This app could work in other countries as well, but it’s not there yet.