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Sharing published articles isn't always easy. People can steal your articles, repost them without permission, and even try to claim some of them as their own. What can be done about it? Well, you can check out the new site Repost.Us.

Think of this site like a sort of YouTube channel, only for the written word instead of video. Articles are published using the Repost.Us blog plugin, and sent to a whole different audience. Sound like something you might be interested in? Here's more information about Repost.Us.

Reposting Properly

For a long time, a debate has brewed. This debated is centered around the proper way to post or repost a published article. With Repost.Us, an article can be reposted from a site or blog, but that article will also contain complete details. For example, if I were to post an article that I just read in Success Magazine, the article would be reposted with the magazine's logo, photographs, and, most importantly, author's name.

Why not just click on an article and repost it yourself? Well, this is where copyright law comes into play. If you repost a published article without permission, a publisher could come after you. You have to gain permission, and then manually repost the article (in many cases). Repost.Us aims to make this easier.

From the Company

Repost.Us' CEO, John Pettitt, told Mashable that "the fundamental problem, we realized, is that it's really hard to share content on the Internet..." That is, sharing articles with permission is though. With Repost.Us, it only takes a blog plugin to share an article. Once the plugin has been installed, anyone can click on this plugin and share an article. It's that simple.

You can also find interesting stories to read on Repost.Us right now. If you head to the site, you can click on an article and share it - without worrying about copyright issues. If you work in the publishing world, you know how important this is. Plus, Repost.Us is an easy site to use, and the plugin that the site provides is also simple to download and install on any blog or site.

In Beta Mode

Right now, Repost.Us is in beta mode, but you can sign up for an account right now for free. I've gone through the signup process, and I can tell you that it's a simple process to go through. The site also lists a great video to watch that explains just what Repost.Us is all about. If you have an article to share, or want to share an article, and you don't want to worry about copyright issues, make sure to take a look at Repost.Us.

Not sure why this service exists? Confused by what Repost.Us does? Take a look at the video listed on the site. Or, spend some time using Repost.Us. You will soon see why this site is necessary -- and really worthwhile if you work as a journalist, writer, or publishers. You can get Repost.Us on your site right now by downloading the plugin.