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Before you even set foot inside of an interview office, your resume will speak volumes about your professional life. In fact, you may not get an interview unless your resume shines from the start. Crafting a resume is not as simple as it may seem. Not only do you have to list everything that you’ve ever done professionally, but you have to arrange it all in a pleasing and logical manner.

Resume creation software can help you with the task of formulating a top-notch resume. Watch out for bland templates and confusing interfaces, and you should be able to produce an appealing resume. You can purchase a good resume program for less than $50.

Resume Maker Professional Ultimate -- $35+

The name of this program says it all. Resume Maker Professional has gained a lot of attention since its release, and Resume Maker Professional Ultimate simply raises the bar. The main reason why Resume Maker Professional Ultimate is so popular has to do with the number of templates and phrases that this program includes. You can select from more than 1200 templates and more than 150,000 phrases. With all of this help, your resume is sure to stand out from the crowd. As an added bonus, Resume Maker Professional Ultimate also includes a handy job search tool. If you’re looking for a user-friendly tool that does it all, Resume Maker Professional Ultimate is well worth the money.

Resume Maker Professional -- $25+

Even though this version is not the “ultimate,” it still comes with many tools that will make creating a resume easier. Resume Maker Professional includes a number of templates (more than 1000), and many different cover letter options (200+). Handy tools such as an integrated spellchecker, thesaurus, and other resume polishing features set this program apart from the rest. Coupled with a reasonable price tag, Resume Maker Professional is worth looking into.

Easy Resume Creator Pro -- $34+

This program is more than aptly named; the title of the program describes the contents perfectly. Easy Resume Creator Pro makes creating any kind of resume a cinch. User-friendliness was the main concern of the developers who created Easy Resume Creator Pro. This program includes a top interface, basic functions, and some features. However, Easy Resume Creator Prot does not include an endless array of features that will allow you to create the most unique resume in the world. The main goal of this software is to help people who’ve never created a resume craft a truly job worthy resume.

Hiring a Resume Writer

Technically, hiring a resume writer is not a software option. However, this choice should be mentioned, since a well-crafted resume has to power to gain you an instant interview. Resume software is the best choice if you want to spend a minimal amount of money on a great resume. Hiring a resume writer who knows how to make your resume stand out is an investment, but it’s usually a worthwhile investment. Whether you hire a writer or purchase a program, make sure that your resume reflects the individual who you are.