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  • Should You Use Resume Software?
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Your resume should be perfect. This perfection can come from hours of editing or through a simple user-friendly resume program. Resume programs provide ready-made templates for resumes of all types. These templates include fill-in-the-blank type spaces and spellcheckers. While resume software has its place, there are some reasons why you may not want to use some resume programs.

Resume Software Restrictions

Inexpensive resume programs may seem like the answer to all of your problems. Only, these programs can often be limiting. Most inexpensive programs come with a set of basic templates. Often, these templates are not customizable. In order to avoid showcasing the same resume as every other job applicant, it’s important to choose a program that allows for individual template edits.

Resume software can also be restrictive if it doesn’t take different job positions into account. For example, the resume of an engineer differs drastically from the resume of a writer. Make sure that the software you choose coincides with the type of job that you’re looking for.

Reasons to Use Resume Software

Resume software is generally inexpensive. Rather than hiring a resume writer who may charge more than $300, resume programs can be purchased for less than $50. Another reason to use resume software is ease of use. You won’t have to play around with formatting or spend hours trying to word a phrase properly with resume software.

In fact, most programs come with a set of phrases that you can use. Obviously, the more phrases and format options a program has, the better off you will be in the long run. Using a resume program, you can put a great resume together in less than one hour. This pales in comparison to writing your own resume, which can take weeks or days to perfect.

Simplicity Matters

Essentially, resume software makes the whole resume process simple. Since your time is valuable, putting together a top-notch resume in a short amount of time is ideal. However, job recruiters will tell you that some types of resumes should never be put together by a machine. Specialty jobs require specially crafted resumes – not cookie-cutter resumes.

If you’re out to get a job that is highly specialized, take the time to craft your own resume. Alternately, you can hire a professional resume writer to craft your resume for you. Otherwise, a resume program is a good way to put together a resume quickly.