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  • Two Types of Resume Software: A Review
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Creating a resume requires skill and a general understanding of what employers are looking for. Professional writers charge hundreds of dollars to craft the perfect resume. Likewise, some resume programs will cost you more than $300. While expensive, you can’t get the perfect job without the perfect resume.

This leaves you with two options. First, you can hire a writer to create a one-time resume. Second, you can purchase a great resume program. Here, I have outlined two popular programs that serve very different purposes. The point of this review is to help you choose the best resume program for the type of job that you’re currently looking for.

Please note that all prices included in this article were approximate at the time of this writing.

Resume Maker For the Web -- $30+

Aside from handing your resume directly to an employer, the Internet is the best way to gain attention. Of course, the problem with submitting your resume to a website is that you will have to submit your resume to every website. This can be time consuming, and each website you come across will have a different set of rules regarding resume submission.

Resume Maker For the Web was designed to make submitting a resume to any website easier. This program accomplishes its initial task by submitting your resume to more than 1,000 websites. But it doesn’t stop there. Resume Make For the Web will help you create the right resume, contact letter, biography, and more. This program even includes a thorough set of video interview questions that you may come across in real life (more than 500+ questions).

If submitting a resume online is what you aim to do, your $30 couldn’t be better spent. As an additional bonus, multiple users can access Resume Maker For the Web once you’ve installed this program. Further, you can upload your completed resume to an online site, so that you can access it at any time. In short, Resume Maker for the Web is a well planned program that’s user-friendly and worth every penny.

Pongo Resume Review -- $50+

Unlike Resume Maker for the Web, Pongo Resume Review was not meant for those who wish to submit an online resume. As such, Pongo Resume Review does not submit your resume directly to websites for you. However, this resume program is popular for another reason. Pongo Resume Review is thorough in every sense of the word.

If you were to hire a professional resume writer, you would be asked a series of questions. These questions would then be used to determine the kind of resume that would suit your needs best. Well, Pongo Resume Review has taken its cue from all those resume writers out there. This program asks you a series of questions that will help shape the ultimate resume for your line of work.

Further, Pongo Resume Review is filled with expert advice, a spellchecker, plenty of tips, and free templates that you won’t find elsewhere. If you want to give Pongo Resume Review a try, you can use the trial version of this program for an unlimited time. While the trial version is not a complete version, it will give you the rundown on what Pongo Resume Review is all about. For my money, Pongo Resume Review is one of the best resume writing program available.