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  • First the MacBook, Now the iMac Gets a Retina Update
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Just a few weeks ago, Apple announced a whole new line of MacBook Pro laptops that are equipped with something the company calls “Retina Display.” Now, rumor has it that Apple is working on an October release of iMacs that are also equipped with Retina Display. In case you’re wondering what Retina Display is, here’s an article{{http://macbook-pro-retina.reviews.r-tt.com/|Retina DIsplay Article}} that explains it all. The fact that Apple is working on some new iMacs is big news, since it looks like Apple is making all of its products Retina-ready, so to speak.

What many are wondering, though, is whether Apple will create entirely new iMacs from start to finish, or if the company will simply add Retina Display capabilities to existing iMac systems. If the latter is true, it’s inevitable that Apple will eventually create iMacs that are revamped in every fashion. So, should you hold out for those new iMacs or will Apple’s current iMac tweaking be enough to satisfy most consumers who are currently on the hunt for a new Mac?

When Will Apple Go Retina Display Crazy?

Reliable sources point to an October release date for the new lineup of iMacs. But, this release date might just include iMacs that have been crammed with Retina Display. It might take awhile long for Apple to create iMacs that are entirely new. What is Apple waiting for? It seems as though Apple will wait to re-design the iMac until the companies that make LCDs can fashion enough of these screens to keep up with demand.

When will that be? It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when Apple will go the complete Retina Display route, but I’m guessing that this development won’t happen until 2013 rolls around (mid 2013, perhaps).

Does this mean that you shouldn’t buy an iMac right now? Well, that all depends on how you look at it. The current iMacs (and MacBook Pros, for that matter) aren’t shabby in the least, and Retina Display simply means better overall pixilation, which is important if you play a lot of video games or watch movies on your computer.

Most people, however, will be perfectly happy with what Apple currently has to offer – and let’s not disregard price.

When Apple does come out with new iMacs, current versions of the iMac are likely to drop in price drastically (the same goes for the MacBook Pro). But, if you’re still hooked on that promise for a better resolution, here’s what Apple’s new iMacs might look like: a resolution around 3840Г—2160 (21.5-inch screen).

Pricing and Other Details

Of course, an iMac with a higher resolution called Retina Display will not be cheap. Apple hasn’t said how much they will be pricing these new iMacs at, but you can expect to pay more than the current price of an iMac. As far as design goes, Apple has been quiet on that front too, though it’s likely that the iMac will get a complete makeover. Apple is, once again, separating itself from the PC crowd by creating a lineup of computers that are eye-popping in more ways than one.