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  • Rhapsody vs. Pandora
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Pandora and Rhapsody are both Internet music streaming services that offer a way for users to listen to music on their computer for free or for a low monthly cost. They both basically create a personalized radio experience without having to turn on the radio. They also have much better sound than the traditional radio thanks to the use of Mp3 files. Both are amazing for home and work use and in the last few years many DVD and Blu-ray players include the ability to use the services through the television. Which should you use? Like anything in the technology world, it boils down to preference as both are great at what they offer, but we’ll help make your decision even easy by comparing the two.


Rhapsody is a membership-based streaming music service that can be accessed on any device that can link up with the Internet. It offers members the ability to choose from more than 8 million songs and stream them wherever and whenever they want through their computer, Smartphone or DVD player.

You’ll never have to listen to a commercial on Rhapsody but that is because you’ll be required to shell out $9.99 or $14.99 per month for the service. You’ll also get bonus features like custom playlist creation, access to Top 25 artist, album and track charts that you can play songs directly from with the click of a button and the ability to download tracks to your computer at a discounted rate.


Pandora is an automated music recommendation service that came from the Music Genome Project. Users enter a song or artist and the service then creates a customized radio channel playing selections based on artists similar to your entry. Then you offer feedback as to whether or not you liked Pandora’s song choice and it will continue to enhance your experience.

Pandora is 100% free for listeners after they sign up for an account but you are required to listen to the songs selected and occasional must listen to a 20-30 second commercial. Pandora is great for those looking to experience new music similar to their current tastes and even allows users to purchase the song they are listening to through a partner site with one simple click as it plays.

Which service is better?

If you would rather play any song you choose, at any time, instead of purchasing music via CD or iTunes than Rhapsody is the way to go. If you prefer to physically own your music and appreciate hearing new music suggestions then Pandora is a much better option. There is really no point in paying for a Rhapsody account if you like to purchase songs to own. This one truly does boils down to personal preference as each music service offers a unique experience that includes great sound quality, music selection and an easy interface.