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  • RIM Tries For Funny
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Do you remember the last time that Research In Motion tried to revamp its existing image? That’s right, the company produced a set of superheroes that really amounted to nothing other than some negative press. Well, RIM is at it again, but this time the company is attempting to debunk some rumors about BlackBerry smartphones by enlisting a comedy crew called the “BBM Challenge Council.”

Starting today, you will begin to see various comedic video clips on the Internet and elsewhere that challenge some of the more idiotic BlackBerry rumors. The clip that’s circulating right now attempts to prove the rumor that “BlackBerry phones don’t play music” wrong. The clip itself is somewhat funny, but will a comedy team and some videos that RIM hopes will go viral change the way the world feels about BlackBerry? Most importantly, will RIM be able to target it’s much yearned for target market?

What The Youth Say About BlackBerry

According to some research originally posted over at The Verge, the BlackBerry smartphone is the least popular phone amongst European youth. If you read tech news at all, you might assume that this statement is also true about BlackBerry phones in general, after all RIM certainly looks like it’s crumbling. Strangely though, I see many teens with BlackBerry phones every day, and it doesn’t look as though these phones are any less popular than they once were, for some reason. Yet, RIM still wants to target that youth market (they do buy more, after all).

The BBM Challenge Council has been set up to do just that: attract a more youthful market that might not choose the BlackBerry otherwise. Will these sketches do what RIM hopes that they will do? Will youth fall for the comedy routines that RIM will be pumping out or will these sketches just make RIM look like a company that’s grasping at straws and trying to stay afloat?

Lots of Negative Rumors

RIM has stated that the company is attempting to get rid of a good amount of negative rumors surrounding BlackBerry devices. This part of RIM’s research is actually true (unlike whatever research led the company to believe that a set of superheroes would save the day). For some reason, people do not believe that BlackBerry phones can play music, can run apps, have a messenger system, and a bunch of other silly things. If you’re curious about BlackBerry (or you just want to see what all of the fuss and negative press is about), take the time to visit the BlackBerry website or a local electronics store to see what these devices are really all about.

RIM’s phones have gained lots of negative press for reasons other than inaccurate rumors. RIM is simply not keeping up with the times operating system and feature wise, but the company still puts out phones that will appeal to lots of people. It will be interesting, however, to see if RIM manages to attract that younger market with the new comedy team that the company now has in place.