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  • RIM’s New Developer Tech Center
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Research In Motion needs help. Even though there are still many die-hard BlackBerry fans in the world, no smartphone company can function without the help of great developers. That’s why RIM has recently decided to test out a new developer tech center. The first BlackBerry Tech Center has officially opened in Slough, England. This center was created for BlackBerry developers. Essentially, the center is all about BlackBerry learning and development. It’s also about allowing developers who want to work with the BlackBerry platform a boost.

Learning Each Day of the Week

RIM has created BlackBerry Tech Center courses for each day of the week. Some days are dedicated to helping current iOS, Android, and Windows developers create successfully apps using the BlackBerry platform. Other days are spent showcasing BlackBerry Web Works. Each day is dedicated to some kind of development task that will help developers create successful apps for BlackBerry while also improving upon a general understanding of RIM’s platform.

The idea behind the BlackBerry Tech Center is to help developers understand and work with the BlackBerry platform. Currently, many developers shun the platform because it takes too long to learn how to use, and that time could be spent working on iOS or Android apps, which are generally more profitable. RIM has made a good move. RIM will educate developers in return for more BlackBerry apps. Have any popular developers signed on?

RIM Opens Up Its App Store

Last month, RIM decided to open up the BlackBerry App store to developers. This decision was made based on the fact that the BlackBerry platform is lacking where new app development is concerned. With the opening of the platform, RIM hopes to entice new developers. Now that the development center is also part of the plan, RIM is sure to get some great developers to create BlackBerry apps.

RIM hasn’t stated whether or not the new Development Tech Center has attracted the likes of, say, the developers behind Instagram or other popular apps. But, RIM has been teaching some indie developers all about BlackBerry. If you are a developer who would like to know more about the new development center, go ahead and give RIM a call. It seems like the company is willing to work with most developers when it comes to the creation of new BlackBerry apps.

If you’re wondering why RIM didn’t open its first development center in Canada, you aren’t the only one. RIM hasn’t explained why England was the company’s first choice. However, there are lots of BlackBerry fans in England, and, presumably, plenty of developers to go along with those fans. RIM has stated that the company will be opening up additional development centers in other parts of the world soon. Needless to say, this is one of the best ideas that RIM has had for a while now. The company isn’t attracting developers any other way, so creating a learning center for those who want to create BlackBerry apps might be the way to go. If you are a developer, will you check out a RIM development center should one open up near you? Or, is BlackBerry development a waste of time?