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  • RIM to Release 10 New BlackBerry Devices
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Approximately one year ago, Research In Motion’s future was looking bleak. While the company’s profits haven’t increased, RIM is still hanging on. This week, RIM announced that a whole new lineup of BlackBerry devices would hit markets within the next few months. This is happy news to the many people who still stick by the BlackBerry phone. In addition to six new BlackBerry devices, RIM is also planning a BlackBerry 10 launch for January 30th. Here’s what’s known about the new RIM phones thus far.

It Began With Two…

When RIM announced the creation of BlackBerry 10, the company also stated that two new BlackBerry phones would coincide with the launch. What wasn’t expected was the later news that RIM would also be releasing six additional phones. Hopefully, RIM’s new smartphones will be nothing like the phones that RIM has been putting our over the past few years. BlackBerry users are loyal, but RIM will certainly lose user interest if the new phones are the same as the older options.

RIM is keeping details about the new phones under wraps for now, but it is known that the company is working with the popular carrier Sprint Nextel. Since RIM has lost much of its market share to Apple and Google, the company will have to put out phones that entice both Apple and Google fans. In short, RIM has to come up with something next to spectacular in order to have any chance of rebounding.

Launch Date Fast Approaching

Anticipation surrounding that January 30th launch date is on the rise – and so is RIM stock. Investors are hoping that RIM will be able to bounce back from its slow demise with the introduction of the new smartphone lineup. In addition to announcing the release of BlackBerry 10 on January 30th, RIM will also introduce the six new phones. The company has stated that the new phones will reach all price points. It’s important that RIM make its new phones accessible to all types of users, since the company has had very little success marketing its higher priced phones.

It will be tough for RIM to make a good impression on wary consumers this time around. Over the past few years, RIM has largely let down users with network outages, phones that are less than appealing, and devices that are far behind what Google and Apple are putting out. RIM has a lot of catching up to do, needless to say. Will Canada’s favorite smartphone company be able to interest consumers once again or is it a case of too little too late?

As the month quickly passes by, many are watching and waiting to see what RIM comes up with. The BlackBerry company may just have a chance at winning back a piece of the smartphone market. Then again, many of RIM’s former loyal clients have moved onto phones that are reliable and come with all the latest features. Regardless, it will be interesting to see what RIM comes up with. Hopefully, the new BlackBerry phones will be interesting enough to lure former BlackBerry users back from Apple and Google land.