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  • RIM Stocks Climb: What’s Rim Up To?
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Today, something strange happened. Goldman Sachs announced a raised RIM rating. The stock (once considered a “sell”) has now been elevated to a “neutral.” Neutral is better than sell, but RIM isn’t out of the woods yet. So, what’s happened over at Research In Motion that would cause Goldman Sachs to raise its rating? A few things might be at play here – we’ll get into those possibilities in a minute.

No matter what’s happening, a higher stock price is a good thing for RIM. In fact, any positive news surrounding the drowning Canadian company is good news. Talk of a takeover is still circulating, though RIM seems to be making every attempt to keep the company as is. From BBM Music to the release of new BlackBerry smartphones, RIM might be able to pull itself out from the bleak tech waters sooner than the world thought.

Is BBM Music to Blame?

Some are speculating that BBM Music is finally taking off. There’s no doubt that BBM Music is popular throughout various countries, and many are signing up for this service – even if it is more expensive than other services such as Spotify. Of course, if you’re going to point to Spotify as being a cheaper service, you have to realize something very important – most of these other music services aren’t available outside of the United States.

Now, I know that the U.S. is a very big market as far as smartphones and other devices are concerned, but it’s not the largest market out there. In fact, there are more BlackBerry users in the UK and Canada than there are in other parts of the world. So, BlackBerry might not be popular in the U.S., but it is one of the top phones, networks, and devices in other parts of the world – this has to count for something.

Is a Takeover In the Works?

It may seem silly for RIM to spend all of this time and energy creating new products and services if the company is to be taken over. Yet, it does make sense that RIM would want to line things up so that a takeover is a smooth one. It’s also worth considering that (were a takeover in the works) nobody knows the terms of a RIM takeover.

If a takeover is indeed happening, this could explain the rise in RIM stock. Another explanation is a simple enough one, and it’s also one that should be seriously considered. RIM stocks did rise, but this rise isn’t a huge one. If we’re talking percentages here, RIM stock actually rose 2.5%. Sure, it’s a fluctuation, but this isn’t unseen within the stock market. Stocks rise and fall all the time, and this minor percentage raise isn’t turning too many heads.

Unless, of course, you’re wondering who has the inside tip and what the news from RIM will be in the near future. One thing is for certain though, it’s wise to keep your eye on RIM throughout the next few months. It’s anyone’s guess as to what’s stirring over at Research In Motion, but something is certainly in the works.